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I need your help fellow DPers

Somebody in another forum posed this question to me and I don't know where to begin answering it. I have so many thoughts racing through my head I'm having a hard time narrowing them down.

"Something doesn't sit right with me when it comes to Ron Paul. I'm looking for you and Cost to give me your opinions. I can't totally believe that he is not controlled opposition. All MSM outlets, big pharm, corporations, etc, worldwide are controlled by the elite. Both major political parties are controlled by the elite. How can everything and everyone but Ron Paul be controlled by the elite? Why would they allow one honest man who wants to save the country into the inner circle? How did he get there? Why is he allowed to stay there? Why are so many others threatened but he goes about his business with no problems? Why would the elite just allow him to accomplish his goals if he is ever elected? Is he put there so people have someone to believe in so they can string us along?

It is almost like believing that Glenn Beck is the only person in the media who is not controlled and telling us the whole truth.

I am totally behind what Ron Paul stands for. I have voted for him before and I would love to see him succeed in accomplishing his vision. Something just doesn't add up for me.

So, I guess I would like to know is why you think Ron Paul is allowed to be where he is and why you do not believe he is controlled opposition. I'd really like to have someone to believe in. Maybe I'm just too jaded."

*UPDATE* Thank you all for your advice. I appreciate it.

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Tell your friend: Actions define you

When Glen Beck goes all libertarian on us, seems to be one of us, bashes our opponents, then unexpectedly promotes some very unlibertarian things, like promoting war, it is reasonable to question his true motives.

But when Ron Paul stands alone for thirty years, voting the same way, speaking out the same way, year after year, always a promoter of libertarian ideals of small government and non-interventionist foreign policy, then it seems reasonable to conclude he's the real deal.

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I think the elite are so

arrogant that they thought it would be funny to see this lone man speaking the truth and no one listening.

I also think in someways they use him as we have seen him speak on the news and then they twist or steer people in a different direction.

His actions speak louder than his words, and his actions have always followed his words.

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The winners circle?

Were you around for the last elections? They only gave him face time after he proved to be right, after the elections of course. You will notice they are slowly taking it away, and once again pretending like he doesn't exist in a presidential way.

Ron Paul is involved in a revolution.

(His words) Additionally, the elite know that they cannot silence him and won't use violence as the whole world would know where it came from and the retribution from all walks of life would not let the elite bankers/wallstreeters/central bankers/and traitors of all sorts feel safe anywhere. The big lie would break down immediately and the rule of the people would be quickly reinstated and violence and retribution to those who have created this tryanny (real or perceived) would end up languishing in jail or hanging from stop lights. Truly, it would be the spark that lit the fire. Finally, if you can't "feel" the truthfulness, honesty, sincerity, dedication and love for the people from Ron Paul, then you will never understand him or freedom.

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I could never tell you Ron Paul is 100% uncontrolled

everyone is controlled in certain ways, even you and I. I really believe the popularity of Ron Paul shot up so fast, I mean it was night and day fame, that they could not slow him down. I also believe they thought Americans would not have the fortitude to keep pushing forward for liberty even after Ron Paul's defeat, but in reality victory.
I also believe now that the elites know the supporters behind him will smell a rat if he is offed so to speak, and now here we are. I also believe that a lot of politicians do believe they are doing good things that turn out to be bad things given enough time. I believe some politicians are sick enough in the brain to believe millions of people sacrificed to war now equals peace for billions later, I believe that is how they justify it in their brains. Anyway hope that helps, just an opinion though.

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The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


You don't need our help. Ignore the idiots. People who think everything is controlled by some hidden power are schizophrenics.