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Utah / Salt Lake Tribune Aligns With Copyright Troll Righthaven

Snip from One Utah:

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Righthaven has many other victims including an old lady who blogs about cats, to Sharon Angle, to the Free Republic all the way up to Matt Drudge himself. They are now threatening to take Matt Drudge’s drudgereport.com domain name for an image he posted from the Denver Post who also have aligned itself with Righthaven.

What gives this story a local angle is the fact that the Salt Lake Tribune’s parent company News Media Group have signed on with Righthaven. Articles and images from the Denver Post are now subjects of Righthaven Lawsuits and signs are very strong that the Salt Lake Tribune will be following in the Denver Post’s footsteps. Only a few weeks before the first Denver Post lawsuit they issued a warning very similar in wording and tone to the one recently issued by the Salt Lake Tribune. Salt Lake City Weekly published an article recently warning Utah bloggers and website owners of possible lawsuits coming soon for articles and images posted on Utah websites.

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Read the whole thing...

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Contact their advertisers

A main selling point to hook those businesses for ads is that people link to the news site from blogs and "they'll see your ad".


they seem to be trying to shut down blogs, that tells me they are a REAL threat to them, thanks for sharing this with us.

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Thanks for posting.

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