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Caught on Tape: AngryCop vs. Hat


Multiple camera angles capture pissed policeman assaulting man over his "don't tread on me" hat. Supposedly you are not allowed to wear such a thing in court. This was filmed at district court in Keene, New Hampshire.

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I worked in federal, municipal, juvenile, felony, civil and ...

felony courts for about 20 years in various courthouses and hats, reading materials and food/gum/drinks had to be put away when court was in session. The video us unclear as to whether the court was in session or not. However, court decorum normally dictates that one remove their hat when entering a courtroom.

I agree he should have

removed his hat. I still think it was overkill to arrest him and drum up 4 charges. Removing him from the court room should have been enough and no court was not in session yet and the judge was not in the room. See the video at copblock or freepete.com
And a few minutes later when court was in session one of our wonderful "protectors" was wearing a hat and that was fine.

Formerly rprevolutionist

4 charges none of which are illegally wearing a hat

disorderly, 2 counts of resisting and obstruction... Always gotta love that obstruction charge. Code for "you didn't kiss the cop's ass". Oh my!!! They forgot disobeying an order!!!
Total crock. I can agree with having him removed, so be it, that's their little kingdom, but all the trumped up charges suck. This story was covered by Adam Kokesh on his show Adam vs the Man Monday night.

Formerly rprevolutionist

So respect in the form of

So respect in the form of "slave" sitting in a chair, vs. "master" as in a police officer wearing a skull cap in the court-room, that is aok!

no kidding...

You'd get your butt thrown out of our local courthouse too, and it wouldn't matter what kind of hat you had on. Kind of like our schools, you come through the door the hat comes off your head. It's called respect.

Thrown out: fine

arrested: not fine
Oh wait.... more revenue!

Formerly rprevolutionist

You earn respect...I doubt

You earn respect...I doubt those pos lawyers or pigs earned it. I don't respect pos criminals like the cops in this video. Assault and kidnapping someone for quietly sitting wearing a hat... yeah that seems respectful.

reminds me of a very true story...

Had this friend who I loved to death, and we would gather at the local watering hole for a drink every once in a while, well actually several times a week. One night he was louder and more vulgar than usual, and it was embarrassing me and the other patrons, especially the females. Eff This, Eff that, MEff this, Meff that.... I finally had enough and told him he needed to tone it down. he says..Why? I said to simply have some respect for the people around you. He says....."You earn respect".

You either get it, or you don't.

BTW..I like how the video conveniently doesn't show where they tell you or ask you to remove your hats. At least they do that around here. I'm pretty sure they would have done that there too. Pick and choose your battles. Wearing a hat in a court of law, when told not to wear a hat in the court of law isn't exactly making strides against "the man", or the pigs, or whatever it is you kids call it these days.

just because your easily

just because your easily offended by headgear does NOT mean you get to use force on someone, what kind of world do you live in?

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato

Sorry I don't equate sitting

Sorry I don't equate sitting quietly with a hat on to being loud and vulgar....I guess I don't get it.

ps I'm not a kid. I run/own my own business. Unlike useless overpaid cops(that get their income because someone else is putting a gun to peoples heads to collect it for them) I actually have to provide a product that someone volunteers to pay for. I work for a living.