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"Obama has done a horrible job and he is dishonest" - Marc Faber on Bloomberg 01/25/11


Wow! Marc really lays into the US on this one.

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I love how Faber calls the

I love how Faber calls the establishment in Davos out for who they are - liars and cheats.


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Very interesting..especially

Very interesting..especially about gold going down..not sure I get it.

Thanks for the find...

Thanks for the find...

I beg to differ

Obama with the help of the msm has done a brilliant job of keeping the masses in the dark so the banksters and there cohorts on wall street can finish U.S. off once and for all.

but never a tool

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At the end he said approximately:
When I was a boy it took five swiss francs to exchange for a dollar. Today it takes .95 swiss francs. What has been accomplished?