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Must watch videos for Dehydrating

This is the best I have seen on how to dehydrate. Be sure to explore her site.


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Good deal:

I have a folder for food and survival sites and refer to them allot. I can add this. Thanks.

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for that link. I've been saving up sites that tell how to make own's own mayonnaise, one's own butter, etc. Now I have to get my printer fixed...LOL

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If dehydrating, try to keep it under 119 degrees.

"Temperatures over 140 degrees destroy the enzymes through a process called denaturing which slows them down thus stopping them from breaking down and converting food. There is no need to worry of ‘losing enzymes’ when dehydrating. Any extreme temperature or environment presented to an organism will cause the denaturing of enzymes. This includes heating food in an oven or microwave, freezing in a freezer or adding a lot of salt."
(From site)

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I am trying to

eat more raw foods and fermented ones. It is not as easy as I would like it to be though. I love Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and I just ordered Primal Blueprint from the library to read and see what that is all about.