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ACLU Rebukes Obama For Pat Down Joke


President Obama pulled a fast one on the nation last night when he implied that only people traveling through airports were subject to invasive pat downs, when in fact TSA-style security procedures are already being rolled out in bus terminals, railway stations, as well as streets and highways.

Not only did Obama flagrantly lie during his State of the Union speech, but he also made a mockery of constitutional violations that have prompted a flurry of lawsuits as well as Freedom of Information Act requests.

Speaking on the subject of upgrading rail services for speedier travel times, Obama stated, “This could allow you to go places in half the time it takes to travel by car, for some trips it’ll be faster than flying – without the pat down.”


Barely minutes had passed before the ACLU fired off a tweet that stated, “President Obama makes funny about TSA pat-downs, but the violations of the Constitution are NO JOKE!”


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I'm so glad they responded to that.

It was a low blow, not funny, and very telling - how little the administration cares about its abuses.


The Congress who laughed at the "joke" are exempt from search.

Our leaders make rules and laws violating all citizens civil liberties and immediately create exemptions for themselves and a privileged few.

well said...

it shows his total disregard for civil liberties...anyways I posted it on Twitter -- it should get more coverage.

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