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Hey guys, Look what MoveOn is saying

These people are frothing at the mouth for despotism.

Dear MoveOn member,

Last night, the battle lines in the key fight of the next two years became clear. It will determine whether America goes back into recession or the economy continues to recover. And progressives aren't yet geared up for the fight.

In his speech, the President made the case for job-creating investments in innovation, education, and infrastructure. Republicans, speaking from a fantasy world where all our problems somehow are the government's fault, essentially laughed at the President's ideas and promised deep, gouging cuts they say will magically get America moving again.

Huge budget cuts vs. investment and jobs. This will be the fight of the next two years. And our only chance is to expose what "cutting spending" really means: laying off teachers and firefighters and police officers by the millions, cutting unemployment benefits, slashing Social Security, and zeroing out everything from NPR to the EPA.

Republicans control the spending process. They've shown that they're willing to "take hostages." When that's happened, Democrats have rolled over. Worse, the President is sending mixed messages—he's calling for more investment, but also a spending freeze. So we're in trouble.

We need speak up LOUDLY for progressive solutions to the economic crisis and make the case that the GOP vision will be devastating. This'll take smart media campaigns and lots and lots of grassroots organizing. We need a campaign led by volunteers from across America but supported by organizers, researchers, ad-makers, and a whole lot of other backup.

And we need to start now—not three months from now, when the budget's been negotiated and we only have weeks to stop it.

That's why we're asking everyone to contribute to kick off a massive new campaign on the economy. Can you donate today?

What does slashing government do to the economy? In England, where the conservative government just implemented sweeping budget cuts despite widespread protest, it didn't "unleash" growth—it did what every reputable economist predicted: shrank the economy.1

And the GOP playbook is equally dangerous: The plan released by Rep. Paul Ryan, who gave the GOP response to the State of the Union, would privatize Social Security and slash benefits; replace Medicare with vouchers; eliminate taxes paid by wealthy corporations; give millionaires a new tax cut; end middle class tax deductions; and cut overall spending so deeply that everything from college scholarships to national parks would shrink dramatically.

Think about how well negotiations have gone with the GOP over the last two years. Now imagine: If this is the GOP's starting position, and the President's opening position includes the spending freeze he announced last night, where is this likely to end up?

We better mobilize now, if we want to stop this from happening. Can you chip in to kick off our campaign to save the economy?

It's time for progressives to forcefully articulate our vision for fixing the economy so conservative ideas aren't the only ones on the table.

We need massive investments in infrastructure and innovation to create jobs. We need urgent aid to states that are laying off teachers and first responders by the thousands.

We need the banks we bailed out to write down millions of "underwater" mortgages. We need to rein in Wall Street firms that are still too big to fail and still control way too much of our economy.

We need the big corporations that are posting record profits to start creating jobs and stop outsourcing them. We need to take up President Obama's call to stop giving away billions of dollars in subsidies to the oil companies. And we need CEOs and hedge fund billionaires to pay their fair share.

And we need to contrast this vision with the Republicans' dead-end nightmare. This won't be easy, and it won't happen overnight—conservatives have spent 30 years developing their message that government is the problem. But if we're not forcefully articulating a progressive alternative, then the discussion in Washington will just be about how deep to cut, and where exactly. And our communities and our citizens will pay the price.

Will you contribute to our massive new campaign to stop the cuts and push for a progressive economic vision?

Thanks for all you do.

–Justin, Laura, Adam, Daniel, and the rest of the team.

My opinion. These guys are NUTS!!!

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What Does "Forcefully Articulate" Mean?


But, but , but...

Isn't that what we did to get to where we are?

Let's get to the point

"That's why we're asking everyone to contribute to kick off a massive new campaign on the economy. Can you donate today?

Enough said.

this kind of asinine reasoning

can't even be addressed. I guess they think if we just put the things we need on a national credit card that we will suddenly be prosperous.Forget the MoveOn crowd, they arent worth it. They are diametrically opposed to our position. Concentrate on frustrated progressives and those on the cusp of breaking libertarian...or at least Paulian. There will always be those that will never see, don't waste your time.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

I showed a progressive friend

I showed a progressive friend Rand's budget the other day. While he was wary of the Dept of Education and Dept of Energy cuts. He also said he could agree on many of those cuts on principle.

I told him Education should be a state function, allowing states to develop their own plans for teaching kids. And the dept of energy is mostly being eliminated with some parts going to other Departments. Both of those departments have been a waste of money, since they have not accomplished their objectives.

Investment and Jobs

What these scallywags don’t understand or refuse to understand or both, is simply having a job is not, in and of its self, conducive to economic growth. I can create a lot of jobs: destroy machines and use just your bars hands instead; paying people to paint my picture all day, every day; paying people to dig up holes and filling them back in, repeat cycle; paying people to hop-scotch for a mile, then crawl on their knees, and repeat it on the way back; bring back typewriters and replace them with computers; ect., ect.

Any money that would go to those “jobs” would be a waste of money. Additionally, any money “invested” in a government program must come from somewhere. It is taken out of the private, productive sector, thus, any jobs “created” are offset by the loss of a job somewhere else in the economy. Still further, any government program directed to put people to work will be meaningless, since there is no way of knowing if this program was beneficial. The government does not have a market test, such as a profit or loss mechanism to assess and gage whether it’s doing anything good.

People may say, “Yes, but look, I have a job doing X.” But that is just the seen effects; what about the unseen effects? That is, we can see the people working on X, but we don’t see what was prevented from being in existence because resources were directed away from such projects.

Throwing money at a problem caused by excessive credit causing a capital goods boom and bust will not solve the problem. The economy needs to reshuffle labor and resources to consumer demand; and that means the government must cease and desist, not stifle the reallocation.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke

well said


"Freedom Is A Road Seldom Traveled By The Multitude." - Frederick Douglass

ahhh I love my propaganda at

ahhh I love my propaganda at night, makes me sleep better.

Sometimes I get really cynical and just want the USA to fail

Just to be able to say 'told ya so' to these idiots.

Sigh, gotta pull myself together...

How about one sustainable, constant government benefit?

>Since 1972 government records show that the rich have gotten richer and the poor poorer.

>Government health care programs have driven up the price of health care so that few of the new poor created by government programs can afford that care without government handouts.

There are no successful government programs, IMHO.

Free includes debt-free!

Kind of ironic that in 1971 Nixon eliminated

the last of the redeemable US currency. Very interesting.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Here's the data. I should have said 1974.


Here's what they called the plan that solved the poverty issue by making most everyone one poorer.
The Great Society

Even more than gold, however, it seems that increasing the national debt is the overriding failure of the US government since 1835.

A national debt is the national choke chain.

Free includes debt-free!

2 questions:

1. why do they think that the salaries of teachers, firefighters, and police officers are paid by the federal government?

2. wouldn't laying off a few police officers be a positive thing?


they are saying that the federal government needs to give "urgent aid" to BAILOUT the states.

These people are stone cold nuts.

I really wonder how they come up with this stuff, and if they are truly that ignorant. Or are they really wanting the US to fail and MoveOn to NWO?

"Freedom Is A Road Seldom Traveled By The Multitude." - Frederick Douglass

These people want FDR back

socialize everyone's lack of employment, spread the poverty


They don't

They don't even talk about ending wars anymore, either.

"Freedom Is A Road Seldom Traveled By The Multitude." - Frederick Douglass

This is such flawed logic i

This is such flawed logic i dont even know what to say. sad really.

So true. They are so wrong it

So true. They are so wrong it can't be addressed.

"...our communities and our

"...our communities and our citizens will pay the price..."

Yes, YOUR communities and citizens will pay the price, instead of the rest of the world having to pay it for you, while you live in insulated splendor off of no more than officially sanctioned theft.

It is progressive Stockholm Syndrome at its finest....

It is what happens when a large group of liberals have mentally challenged offspring, and they cant plan on how to spend "other" peoples money fast enough. Like any speech I have ever heard from a Liberal it highlights the problem, even defines them, then points the finger at the opposing party who is "at fault" and gearing up to challenge any ideas the opposition has while failing to provide solutions of their own, other than those that have been tried in the past and failed. I wouldn't be too worried about this as many leftists I know have given up on Obama, many have lost their homes while the bankers were getting bonuses, having their children to sit out of their first year of college due to finances and the worry of what will happen when the stimulus and bail out monies come due. It is however very telling when they outline that the right feels that government is the problem, as we are all living in what happens when government thinks it is the solution, but they are too brainwashed to realize that socialism is wonderful in theory, a grand idea that on paper looks as if it will provide for everyone, what escapes them is the reality of socialism through world history which has repeatedly failed, and it will fail again and we will be able to pull up the arm chair this round and watch Rome burn from the comfort of our personal tent city.

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an

Will liberals ever get it?

Even when the boot comes crashing down, they still won't get it.

I love this logic!

"That's why we're asking everyone to contribute to kick off a massive new campaign on the economy. Can you donate today?"

Most of us don't make enough to buy food any more, but we are supposed to contribute to kick-start the economy? The only solution progressives have is more indoctrination and spending other peoples money.


Democrats had control for two years and the "too big to fail" set is still too big to fail.


LOL they are on the run...

It's fun to see the light of day hit the COCKROACHES!!!

The Liberty a society retains is inversely proportional to the number of Lawyers in the Government.


30 year comment was a shot at Ron Paul and libertarian ideology; as if slashing the budget and living within our means has been the "Republican agenda" for 30 years.

"Freedom Is A Road Seldom Traveled By The Multitude." - Frederick Douglass

They just cannot get it, that

The little people, if left to their EARNED monies automatically stimulate the Economy.

Earners have been carrying ALL the rest for quite some time. They have been paying "AHEAD" for retirement and SSI and even Medicare payments.
Now they want to move on with STOLEN loot from our already paid for, Retirement funds.

The whole Banking system and Fiat is based on the LABORS of others. That IS the VALUE ASSET to back a FIAT currency system. someone gets rich off of LABOR.
There is NO other ASSET to this system. They have purposly destroyed their own ASSET. To make way for their idea of Salvation.NWO

What do the Move on's NOT GET?

Where did they get the

30 year developement program by Republicans? Republicans are said to be the one's responsible for big government and huge deficits. It doesn't wash.

They are "ALL" guilty by association, PERIOD.
They together are the NWO. Neocon PROGRESSIVES.
Salvation of mankind. They ALL voted for NAFTA anti- American sell out.

Now that they have us on the ropes they want us to entrepenour our own way out. It's GLOBALISUM propaganda. They have us working for peanuts now.
Now we are allowed to COMPETE. They evened the playing field with American JOBS, PERIOD.
And , they are out to STEAL the rest of what is left.

it feels like the fatal flaw

it feels like the fatal flaw of the progressive mindset is that government can cure and curtail corporate monopolies and corruption. lets 'regulate it all'! You know corporations living a day in the life of a fictitious entity needs some over sight and regulation. But it appears our agencies and committees to oversee this are neutered at best and in collusion at worst with the corruption.

Yah i think wed all like to stop seeing our jobs being jettisoned into foreign markets... what i find comical is how pumping hundreds of billions to float firefighters/police/teachers salaries will accomplish this with any long term benefit.