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US is owned? How accurate is this?

The Ultimate Delusion By: Stephen Ames Queen Elizabeth controls and has amended U.S. Social Security, as follows: S.I. 1997 NO.1778 The Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997 Made 22nd of July 1997 coming into force 1st September 1997. See APFN Web Pages: http://www.apfn.org/apfn/knighthood.htm ; http://www.apfn.org/ apfn/queen.htm At the Court at Buckingham Palace the 22nd day of July 1997. Now, therefore Her Majesty an pursuance of section 179 (1) (a) and (2) of the Social Security Administration Act of 1992 and all other powers enabling Her in that behalf, is please, by and with advise of Her privy Council, to order, and it is hereby ordered as follows: "This Order may be cited as the Social Security (United States of America

More at - http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/ultimate_delu...

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no mention of the house of

ROTHSCHILD can you say gate keeper ?

but never a tool

That was very interesting reading:

It almost makes me feel like there is no hope at all to ever live as a free man.
But just the same, I have lived a long time as if I were free.
I have not file a tax form since 1989 and pay very little attention to any laws. I just try to live a good moral life and not hurt anyone else.
I am free in my mind so that is something I guess.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government