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New York State Takes Control of Nassau County's Finances

UNIONDALE, N.Y. — A state oversight board has seized control of Nassau County’s finances, saying the wealthy and heavily taxed county had nonetheless failed to balance its $2.6 billion budget despite months of increasingly ominous warnings.

The 6-0 vote here on Wednesday afternoon by the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority gives it veto power over the county’s budget, labor contracts, borrowings and other major financial commitments.

The board cited a deficit that reached nearly $350 million at one point last year but that was not fully closed, it said, despite assurances to the contrary by the county executive, Edward P. Mangano, a Republican.


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I love this part

The move effectively puts the finance authority board, a six-man panel of state-appointed financial experts and other professionals, at the bargaining table opposite Nassau’s civil servants, police officers and other labor unions.