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Drudge Puts Rand's Budget Cut News as #2 News Item

Rand Paul proposes $500 billion in federal budget cuts...

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Nice Start, BUT....

Doesn't all tax and spending bills need to originate in the House? I hope Rand reads up on the Constitution on this. We don't need another politician that only follows the parts of the constitution they care about and do whatever on the rest.

His bill only applies to the

His bill only applies to the current fiscal year, that's why he did it that way.

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Ron said he needs to even be

Ron said he needs to even be more aggressive because deficit was 1.5 trillion over.


The comments are all positve even thou the report is trying to act all upset.

The report thinks Rand is off the wall and all the responses seem to say the MSM is out in left field.

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Thanks Bobby.

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