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Need Poll Help Please - Vote "NO"


Yes, another poll. I've answered the call many times and now need your help keeping it bumped and voting "NO" on the polls. All three newspapers cover the same county and need help on all three please!!!





Ron Paul 2012!

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Still need help

Takes one second to vote "No" on the poll



Bump for the night shift

Thanks guys.

Mills are how they figure

Mills are how they figure your property taxes

The American Dream............
you have to be asleep to believe it!

You realize you're blowing your shot to gauge your community

We are water-muddiers. How will you know if your neighbors are on your side if you get a bunch of uninterested parties to vote your way? I abstained, what is a "mill"? I don't understand the vote.

Forum battle

Visit www.voteSMARTnow.com for details


We are not trying to gauge our vote - we are trying to use the few ways available to us to spread the message and need help.

Unfortunately the school system is sending emails to 27,000 households, they are sending flyers home, etc. etc.

The fact we were discussing this in forums generated a newspaper story and a biased tv report - but it got people talking.

We need to inform citizens outside the reach of the school system of what is going on.


60% - 34%

Let's keep it up guys....and thanks!

We are winning

56% to 38% Let's keep it up....

A link

To the bill so I can know what Im voting on?


You have a link to the bill? Is this a state bill ? this just says vote no on 8 am i missing somthing?

Sample Ballot

We are losing.....

You know what to do.....