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Birther Psy-Op: Reporter Retracts Hawaii BC Story


Celebrity journalist, Mike Evans, now states that he has not spoken to Neil Abercrombie since he's been governor. He apologizes for "axidently" claiming that Abercrombie told him that no records were found.

Accidentally? This guy went on and on, in elaborate detail of their conversation!

Was he threatened? Part of a psy-op?
Either way, this guy's lengthy career as a journalist is toast.


Listen to this audio and tell me how this fool can possibly back-pedal from his own statements:


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northstar's picture

Mike Evens reminds me of Hillary

On how she droned on and on about the sniper fire going into Bosnia when really what happened was a great big party, with children and flowers and happy faces on the tarmac.

Thanks for the fine reporting of CBS for correcting her errr, memory loss.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

Does anyone doubt that "birthers" are and have been right?

At this point those folks who think Obama's been foyrthcoming are operating under blind faith or intimidation.


it shouldn't matter where he was born. His father was a Kenyan and therefore, he was born British. End of story.

Then, he was adopted by an Indonesian and never regained his US citizenship. Therefore, he remains a citizen of Indonesia. End of story.

We've been pimped while the lazy media and complicit courts just go along with the scam. He's a fraudster and a felon.

Meanwhile, I just got ragged on by the bitch at the post office for peeling a stamp off of my cardboard envelope and putting it on a larger tyvex envelope. She told me that I couldn't re-use the stamp. I said, this stamp has not been used. She replied, "Once the stamp has been affixed, it is used. It doesn't matter if it has ever been post-marked or not."
So, I asked, "So, did I actually purchase a stamp, or just the GLUE?"
(The other drone worker laughs at my remark).
Now she's pissed. She responds, "It is a felony to re-use a stamp!"

Gee...for whom do you think this robot voted? Any bets?

We are toast.

Love your.....


Loved the story!


Typical government drone - attempts to follow rules, but can't think.

You should have told her to

You should have told her to call the cops. This is one that should go to a jury. A stamp is NOT used until it sends a letter..come ON..


Then the place would have been surrounded by a SWAT team and we would have one less member of Daily Paul - "shot for carrying a mysterious package and threatening a federal employee."


No way. Stamp = FEDERAL crime, Honey. HOMELAND SECURITY !

Point being, I'm a dirt bag, threatened with $4.90 felony charge, yet, she could give a damn about having an impostor for a boss.

We are toast.

Knowing you, I can not

Knowing you, I can not conceive you not telling her you would wait until the FBI or whatever cops got there to arrest you. That would cost them a lot. I wonder if they even WOULD have arrested you. I think I would have been forced to stand my ground on that one and stay cozily in their jail until jury time came around..It is ridiculous, and should be endured as seriously as the threat was spoken. Of course, I have no family to protect, as you may, but ...I just would fight a stupid law like that and call their bluff if it is one, and fight like H if not.

My garbage (city) service sent me a letter saying ALL garbage must be put into tied plastic bags in my dumpster, per city law. I have a motel and people throw things in there all the time. I can not control it.
I talked to them, and they said it was the law. I told them they would have to put me in jail, I guess. They said they would not put me in jail. I said, then I guessed I would have to pay some huge fine. They said they would not fine me. So I said I would do the best I could, and that was the end of the conversation.

And the plot thickens........


Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

More like...

The plot is sickening.

good one nui..lol

good one nui..lol