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Rand Paul's Budget Cuts!

I go over in (some) detail, Rand Paul's budget cuts.


There's a lot there, but the defense cuts we must know about because the left will assume he's only cutting welfare. In fact, the article in which Drudge is linking to on this story suggests just that. That he's cutting welfare primarily. I havent done the math, but both the WAR and WELfare are getting gutted.

Just know this for your debates with idiot progressives.

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Rand is the real deal

Every time I hear him talk hes calm, cool, collected, and matter of fact. I think he could probably find more things to cut but this is a great start. I want to see what these dipshits on the left say about him now. You know the ones who said he isnt what he claims to be and will do nothing once he gets in. Hes done this in what ? A week or two? Hes going to be working all year and has already done more to attempt to cut the budget than any other Republican in congress that Im aware of outside of his father.

Rand's cuts are as modest as they are brilliant.

Rand's modest cuts for one year come to slightly more than those proposed by Boehner and McConnell for 10 years. Rand, in a completely unoffensive, low key manner, has revealed the GOP leadership to be fools and hypocrites. Rand has made it easier for members of Congress to vote against raising the debt ceiling, even in exchange for some cosmetic compromise. Rand has also distinguished himself from potential Tea Party caucus challenger Jim DeMint, by offering substantial proposals instead of inflexible opposition. All Rand must do now is stick to his guns and vote for nothing that undoes this good work and he will be the de facto leader of the Tea Party in the Senate.