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Video: Sen. Rand Paul on CNN's Situation Room 01/26/11


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just great, when I first saw

just great, when I first saw Rand running, I was skeptical that he'd have the same intuition that his father Ron does, but seeing him want to pass bills like this really makes me proud that we have people like this in our country like the Pauls that are willing to stand up and represent us. Great job Rand, and continue to do the great work.

Zionist Scum

Well well, Blitzer certainly showed his cards there. It is no matter. AIPAC will not be able to get rid of Rand. Not in Kentucky and not with our support. Rand has his own action committee. And it looked like Wolf knows it. He got him on the record for ending aid to Israel but it is of no consequence... which means that we just won a battle in the infowar!

Take a moment to soak it in... Boy that feels good.

based on the grimace on Wolf's

face, I'd say he may need to change his diaper.

Damn Hershey squirts.

Israel a fountain of peace and democracy in the Middle East???

What??? Just tell the truth!!!
He's already thinking about his realection in 2016.
I'm really disappointed about this crap.

I agree with your feelings, but understand Rand's strategy.

He put Blitzer on the defensive, forcing Wolf to defend to continue giving handouts to the Zionist scum. Wolf didn't take the bait, protecting himself, but leaving Rand on the moral high ground. This will undoubtedly be the end of Rand's appearances on Wolf's show, but the popularity of Rand's plan will force CNN to continue interviewing him. Check and mate.

A couple of answers

On aid to africa I wish he would have had a number for the amount of private charitable donations to africa. It is not like if the government don't do it, it don't get done.

On aid to Israel, he should have had the $ amount available of what we give to others in the region. Cutting $2 billion to Israel is not as hard to swallow when he tells people that we are cutting $2,3,4 Billion (whatever the number is) in aid from Israel's enemies.

On the 100,000 jobs, he should have made up a number of private sector jobs created. A job created is more abstract than one lost, but they are just as good. I suspect reinjecting $500 billion into the economy (or not taking it out of the economy in the first place) will create more than 100,000 jobs.

Nuclear Wow...

great link...that was impressive to say the least.

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Really 100k in jobs?

Really 100k in jobs?


$500 billion for 100,000 jobs.

That's $5,000,000 per job.

Hey Wolfie...go play with your self 'cause you certainly don't belong with the adults!



ahhh, I missed that. I agree

ahhh, I missed that. I agree 500 Billion in cuts in more important.

Mission Accomplished....

as far as Wolf Blitzer is concerned. He succeeded in concluding the interview by getting Rand "on the record" saying he would cut aid for Israel. That was the SOLE purpose of this interview. You can be sure the Lobby will spring into action against Rand. Blitzer is a very slick Zionist enforcer. He asked about cutting aid to Africa BEFORE asking about Israel, in order to deceive the people into believing that Israel is somehow secondary to him. Unfortunately, Rand felt the need to appease this traitor by calling Israel a "fountain of peace and democracy in the Middle East."

So far I have been very

So far I have been very impressed with Rand. I remember when he was running and hadnt even been elected and some people were posting negative posts about him. So far he has been true to what he said he would do, is has more charisma than his dad, I just hope in time he has the discipline and principles of his father. If he does, he will go a long ways and certainly could be a presidential candidate, make some tough debates. Hopefully Ron will run in 2012, and hopefully Rand will run after that.

I was 50-50 on him. But his

I was 50-50 on him. But his actions right now are making me glad I donated money for his campaign. He is a firebrand.

Damn he is good!

Very impressive answers.

So articulate and accurate!

That boy

is gonna make a fine president one day. I just hope the freedom revolution momentum will continue, because there was never a better political environment for us than right now.


...might also hope we still HAVE a country by then!

Perfect Response to the Israel Question/Trap Door

"Are we funding an arms race?"

He was respectful of Israel too.

Then he brings up how the corrupt leaders steal the majority of the aid money.

Rand is too smart for these guys. I'm so glad we put him in the Senate.

Great Interview for Rand!

Great Interview for Rand!

Best interview I ever saw him

Best interview I ever saw him do..fan tas tic!!

tasmlab's picture


I agree. He handled every question like a pro and didn't get squeamish on any of the 'gotchas' (e.g., have you calculated how many jobs will be lost with the government cuts)

Did anyone see the Bernie Sanders piece that followed? Was the on purpose to show the libertarian and then the socialist? Maybe I'll try to find it. I wouldn't be surprised if the two-non-centrists might not be so conflicting.

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Rand knocked

that interview so far out of the park it made my head spin. Can we "Clone" Rand and Ron and take over the entire government?

bump for Rand...

that was awesome.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

we have a PAUL in the SENATE!!!!

Some of you were way off and inable to discern in regards to Rands sincerity and platform. Name any other elected official besides Ron that has the ..lls to defund israel. Incrementally, he can dismantle and reshape republican ideology, not via emotional-"patriotic" rhetoric but by a sound education in constitutional conservatism

we have a Paul in the Senate!!!!

cwp4ut said, "Some of you were way off and inable to discern in regards to Rands sincerity and platform. Name any other elected official besides Ron that has the ..lls to defund israel. Incrementally, he can dismantle and reshape republican ideology, not via emotional-"patriotic" rhetoric but by a sound education in constitutional conservatism." I couldn't agree more. I would add, however, Rand Paul and Ron Paul are true American Statesmen!!! We need 533 more just like Ron Paul and Rand Paul in Congress.

Notice the Emphasis on Cutting Aid to Israel

Wolf Blitzer went out of his way to reiterate the point, as if to make Rand out to be an enemy of Israel. Rand handled himself extremely well in this interview. I'm glad we have a Paul in the Senate.

Yeah, what's the deal with the media always supporting Israel?

It doesn't matter if it's liberal NBC or conservative Fox, they are all scared of offending Israel.

You would think that Israel did something magnificent for America at some point, yet I cant figure out what.

What did Israel ever do for America?

They Own the Media

Just look at what they did to Helen Thomas. Maybe Wolf feared for his job.

Is my math wrong?

500,000,000,000/100,000=500,000 per job?