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The Middle East at a Strategic Crossroads: Threat to US Hegemony?


The Arab world is the beating heart of the overwhelmingly Muslim Middle East, and the Arab masses are angrily moving for a change in the status quo, practically dictated by the military, economic or political hegemony of the United States, which in turn is whipped by the regional power of the Israeli U.S. strategic ally. But any change in the regional status quo would place the Middle East at a strategic crossroads that is not expected to be viewed tolerantly by the U.S. – Israeli alliance, a fact which expectedly would warn of a fierce struggle to come. Despite the U.S. rhetorical defense of the “universal rights” in the region, it is still premature to conclude that this hegemonic alliance will allow the Arab move for change to run its course, judging by the historic experiences of the last century as well as by the containment tactics the United States is now adopting to defuse whatever strategic changes might be created by the revolting Arab masses.


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Here's the situation.

The country has millions of citizens who are out of work, while the President receives a great salary along with all politicians. Politicians have the power to appoint and/or arrange contracts for friends and family. When they leave office they set themselves up with great jobs at companies that benefited from laws pasted by them, or if voted out of office make an arrangement with newly elected officials to get them a good job. Of course there is a large military to protect the people, but unfortunately the leadership is interconnected with interests for the military industrial complex. Unfortunately folks, that is the situation here in the United States. As for Egypt...

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good post


End the war, bring our troops home.

Best move will be to cut all foreign aid to the middle east and the rest of the world. Time for Egyptians to pull themselves up.

Thanks for the post




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