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Wall Street banks Chase, Goldman Sachs & Citi "Warned of Terror Threat."

NEW YORK (AFP) – US officials have warned the leaders of Wall Street banks that the firms and their executives may be the targets of al-Qaeda plots, the NBC network reported Tuesday.

NBC's New York affiliate said that intelligence officials are worried that al-Qaeda operatives in Yemen may try to mail package bombs or biological or chemical agents to Wall Street bankers.


Marquee banks including Goldman Sachs, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Barclays and others, have been briefed by the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force, security officials told NBCNewYork.com.

http://yhoo.it/icO3az on

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What a joke


They are probably

behind it and going to blame others.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

'This jail is as good as any other,' I said, 'and, besides..'

"I then proceeded to India, lecturing in Ceylon, Bombay, and Calcutta. I then sailed for South Africa, arriving at Delagoa Bay in April, 1896. In South Africa I visited Kimberley, Johannesburg, and finally Cape Town.

I met Oom Paul. I had heard and read all about him - hat, beard, frock coat, pipe, and everything else. The picture is a true likeness. At this time the Jameson raiders were in jail, and I visited them and made a little speech trying to console them. I told them of the advantages of being in jail. 'This jail is as good as any other,' I said, 'and, besides, being in jail has its advantages. A lot of great men have been in jail. If Bunyan had not been put in jail, he would never have written "Pilgrim's Progress." Then the jail is responsible for "Don Quixote," so you see being in jail is not so bad, after all. Finally I told them that they ought to remember that many great men had been compelled to go through life without ever having been in a jail. Some of the prisoners didn't seem to take much to the joke, while others seemed much amused."

Alcatraz, California has many a vacancy. Lights, indoor plumbing... Very safe. Good weather, nice beaches... Importantly, excellent Riverboat access... several arrivals daily.

Departures take reservations & cost extra.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

If it does happen,

it won't be "al quaeda" doing it.
It will be another false-flag event, with "patsies" included.
All the evil players know deep down that they are expendable if the top players decide it.
It's part of the risks of playing on the bad team.

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

Air drop the whole lot of them over there.

ecorob's picture

terrorists fighting terrorists?

...that would save us all a lot of trouble

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


Now there getting it, the smart go after the money. Go after the people that really have started all the shit over there.

THANKS... now I have to clean a bunch of tea out of my keyboard!

I was thinking that this is a threat I would actually believe but not that it was from Al Queda. Your comment caught me off guard right when taking a big gulp. ...but hey, it still seems to workkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. LLLLLLLLoLLLLLLLL

Yes, I had the same problem. Beware of the "Flag Key!"

The liquidity drains downward toward the "Flag Key" (aka: MicroSoft Key). Beware.

If you have an Apple Keyboard, it might be incognito (aka: "Control Key").

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul