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Subject Similarity Search

Hia all,

In my continued, perhaps excessive endeavor to reduce duplicate posting, whenever you create a new forum topic, the site will automatically perform searches to the right as you change the subject line text to see if similar content has already been posted.

I hope this will encourage three things:

  • Fewer duplicate posts
  • More specific titles with relevant keywords
  • More site searching with an ultra-easy method

Though I agree, none of these are really dire problems, it's an idea I wanted to try out.

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People please start using this Awesome Feature Jon created!!!

Waaaayyy to many duplicate posts lately and other stories are getting needlessly bumped.

Jon, please tell again how to change the posting time

now that we're back to DST. Thanks. You're a gem!

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My Account > Edit > (scroll down) Locale Settings, choose correct time zone.

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I don't understand.

Is something supposed to come up on the screen when I try to create a new thread? I tried creating a test thread and clicked "preview" but I don't seen any search data for similar content.

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there isn't a "subject similarity search" block below

the portrait when you're creating a node that searches the text in the subject/title line? Browser/OS?

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OK, now I see it below Ron Paul's portrait, BUT...

I only see it when I click the link supplied in your OP for starting a new thread. When I try to start a new thread the normal way by clicking on the "Forums" tab, I don't see it. Note however that the link you supplied in the OP is:

while the normal link for starting a new thread is:

Also, just to clarify something in your OP to make sure everyone is on the same page, the feature doesn't automatically perform searches, it just automatically generates the search text, which I can then click on to make it perform the search.

I am using WindowsXP and Internet Explorer 8.

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I've never gone to Forums > post new Forum topic, but you're right, it links to /node/add/forum/0, which should show that, and should now be fixed.

I've always gone Create Content > Forum Topic, which just links to /node/add/forum.

However, when the block is there, it should pull the top 8 searches for what's in the subject field from Google into the block, I know it does in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. IE may still have problems with JSON & AJAX. I don't recommend ever using IE.

But thanks for the feedback.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

Cool, thanks.

It shows up for [Forums > Post new Forum topic] now. Even though it doesn't fully function for me that is still useful to have that link there to generate a search, saves a few clicks. Also the New Posts feature you added just a few weeks ago is especially helpful for avoiding duplicate posts.

Subject Similarity Search much too confusing

Still can't figure out how to use Subject Similarity Search.
Way too confusing for a non-computer expert like me.
The simpler and more automatic it is, the more good it will do.
I can barely use e-mail, so don't hit me with a lot of jargon, please.

Need sub-categories and sub-sub-categories

It would also help to divide the present categories by sub-categories and sub-sub-categories.



Mental note, when posting, do not click the link to the above as the comment will go here instead of in a new topic.

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