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Don't know what feedback there might be for this one, but let's see.

Oop, apparently it's positive!

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5 star!

this and the pics one, top drawer!

I've been Craving this Feature!

All you can eat Ron Paul! Dig in!

Vote Ron Paul and Believe Again
You ♬ say you ♫ want a ♬ revolution - ♫ well, you know...♫

Nothing on IE

My ipod seems to work fine, but the computers I used with IE don't show any videos. Any ideas what could be wrong?

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Nice Jon

thats neat.. thanks!

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Little problem

If one views the site through your Ajaxified demo program, one can't see any of the YouTubes, just the heading of the page. I hit "refresh" (I'm running a Firefox browser), and then it works.

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I don't think I'm going to support that script anymore

similar options may arrive opt-in on this site eventually, but your specific concern requires a change that needs more rethinking than it's worth at the moment.

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This is great Jon!

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