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Nothing in Sauls blog post today on his Paul Call


He posts around 8am daily.

Wednesday he called for Paul's ejection from the debates.
Thursday he said he was getting positive response.
Today, nothing about it.

Lets make sure he and the Michigan GOP realize we won't go away without a response, and that if anyone doesn't belong in the debates, it is those who aren't for the republic, nor for anything remotely republican.

I wonder if their fax machine is out of paper (since the other means of contact seem to be disconnected).

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Idol style, as per Saul's suggestion

Saul had a suggestion:

I think we need to pull an “American Idol” and vote three off the stage. The more credible and serious candidates are starting to emerge and I believe some of the more “long shot” candidates are more of a distraction than help. We need to get more info from our viable candidates and get a better idea who will be our strongest nominee next fall.

But in the latest NH poll, Paul would be safe if the size of the field was reduced by 1/2. Rudy isn't credible (with the base), though he may be the Sanjaya of the group - distracting and entertaining apart from singing, but not serious.


Though Romney is the real threat to Paul's nomination - conservative enough to be credible. McCain and Giuliani will get a portion just from name recognition, but I don't think they can win.

But there is a long time until the first caucuses and elections, and Paul is getting more visible, For that, I thank Giuliani.

From Students for Paul:


from last night:

UPDATE 9:30pm ET: I just recieved another phone call from my friend and "the Michigan GOP evacuated the party headquarters because calls got so bad and so violent that they left the building for their own safety. An all staff email was sent telling everyone to go home early."

Keep it civil, but keep it going.

Oh Please

Get some cajones you pussies. Cry me a f-ing river. Wait til the real Revolution starts. They know whats up. Here comes the train, (WARNING) stand back ALL NEOs. Or night night

Right Way and Wrong Way

Definitely need to keep up the pressure on this guy. What he wants to do is ridiculous and not very democratic but lets not be "so bad and so violent that they left the building for their own safety." Don't sink to their level. Ron Paul's voice as a right to heard as anyone of us or them.

Jim Amsler