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Fleckenstein: The Fed is Printing Money to Cover Bank Theft Leading to Food Inflation

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IMF warns that Rising Food &

IMF warns that Rising Food & Fuel Prices and Joblessness Could Lead to Social Unrest


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This video needs to be spread

This video needs to be spread far and wide

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Great find bobby,

Ratigan is one of the best MSM analysts; he has courage and scruples, a rarity.

headline on Yahoo today....

Headline on Yahoo today was "unrest in Egypt cause oil and food prices to rise". As Ratigan points out it is just the opposite. The difference is most sheeple will believe Bernanke and Yahoo. What I disagee with is the fact America will be spared most of the suffering. It will be painfull for the whole world. The conclusion I come to is world war. This war will start for the same reason the rest of the world wars started. Zionist jew bankers. The difference this time is they are sucking the wealth out of all the western world with the same tool they have used since biblical times. Inflation. And it will have the same outcome. War.

Please, avoid the antisemitism

Most Jews are not Zionists, but decent freedom loving people like other races and religions. The people of Israel are oppressed by their government, just as those of Egypt and the US are oppressed by their governments. Freedom loving people of all creeds should stand together against their oppressors. The oppressors would like nothing more for Jews, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Agnostics, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. to hate each other. People are not our enemy -- ignorance and tyranny are.

food bubble?

agree with most of it, but think it is way too early to worry about a food bubble.



No I don't think so

but FED may have some influence.
As China and the rest of the World increase their income so too does their appetite increase.

It's part of Capitalism.
Capitalism has to catch up with demand.
Which means the Islamic Nations are going to try to bite the hand that "will" feed them. Oil is not the "only" commodity that is going into short supply because of spreading the Wealth.
This could also become the weapon of the future, when evil is allowed. America is screwed except for food. Of couse your sell out leaders will take care of American supply.

Welcome to global competition your leaders volunteered you into.

You may not get enough neccessity but you will get PEACE. LOL.

great to send to the unenlightened

Bluntly, clearly connects the dots with just the right amount of hyperbole-calling it sinister repeatedly.

Fleckenstein is a pretty well known guy to hear him openly calling for a gold standard on an MSM program well well times are changing.

Thanks for posting.

Maybe boost Ratigan by visiting his websight?

Its as simple as 2+2=4

If we can't make people understand even this much we are doomed.

Remember when one parent could work and a family do alright?

What's so sick is food is hit worst by this inflation. Luxury items are cheaper because they are in low demand. Food goes up much faster.

I want a real index of inflation. The items I need for groceries. The stuff I would buy if a family living in a house built for a factory worker's family in the 60's could afford on the one salary that a two-engineer family can bring in now.

Not even an index of what my actual grocery bill includes: oatmeal, corn products, wheat products, milk. I want an index of inflation that includes whole meats and fresh vegetables - stuff we'd consider a reasonable diet if we could afford it.

Defend Liberty!

The Globalist plan

This is how they are to throw as many people out in the Street hungry as they can. Has everyone read "The Bankers Manifesto" before ? Does everyone understand HJR-192 signed June 5, 1933 ? THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (corporation formed Feb. 1871 in London) has been operating in Bankruptcy since 1933. The Receivership of the Bankruptcy in 1933 was listed as the I.M.F. and THE UNITED NATIONS. The funny part about the whole thing is these two lovely organizations were not formed until Oct. 1945 showing how W.W.2 was a stage job with the final goal of creating these world Cancers. Everything we have known as "History" was actually planned by a small group of elite to further their ultimate goal of The New World Order. Novas Ordo Seclorum.

one of the "elite insiders"

one of the "elite insiders" apparently on record saying the same thing here:

very intresting times we live in.

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato