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Absolutely shocking videos from Egypt

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guys...you have to watch the

guys...you have to watch the videos...armored diplomatic car driving at full speed thru people killing around 20, protester shot dead, you have to see what's really happening in situations like this.

First rule of a Revolution, block the streets so no cars can't get by, Gov. won't be able to easy deploy troops, infiltrators, etc.

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It is

a very interesting view point into a revolution and should be a learning lesson for any country that wishes to change it's government. You are very smart in pointing out that the streets have to be protected. If it does happen here at a point the military will most surely be the downfall or the winning force for the revolution

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Did you see video 10?

the "ghost horseman"

Has this been all over the news (I don't watch so I don't know)

"Ghost Horseman"

That was really very strange! I have seen all the other videos but not that one. It is definitely very creepy at 1;18 ! Do you think the video was altered or what? If not..I think I just saw a Ghost Horseman!

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lens flare, nothing more

why would it match the movement of the camera 1:1?

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ok, I see what you mean.

I see the other things moving the same way.

Seeing Anderson Douchebag get punched is kharma blowback...

for being a douche to RP during the CNN debate.