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The power went out tonight preparing for the worst

Tonight the power is out and will be out most the night. It made me realize what all we need to prepare for. I had my chicken brining and ready to cook. Yet now that is not a possibility take time to think about this. If the power goes out and all you have is 2 four hour batteries for your laptop, What would you do?

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I would put on a jacket

I would put on a jacket and go outside to barbecue the chicken.The laptop would no longer be a priority.I'm fibbing though,I make my own power so I would be one of the few still on the net or with lights in the whole valley.

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where are you located?

where are you located?

Good luck, keep us updated

not sure what I would do. I got a wood stove put in last summer because I was worried something like this could happen.

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