Ron Paul Cavuto Inverview Video

Part II below:

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I've learned so much from

I've learned so much from Dr. Paul, not only in terms of his policies, but how to handle tough questions. The man amazes me a little more each day.

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Cavuto got his poop pushed in

Mess with the bull you get the horns....ey Neil?

Neil Cavuto is effeminate.

Neil Cavuto is effeminate. He was trying to impress his handlers and failed miserably. Ron Paul stands on a foundation of truth and can not be shaken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is the transcript of the video I think you meant to post instead.,2933,317536,00.html

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I wish it were tonight's interview

Because tonight's interview with Cavuto was fantastic. Neil brought up that some noted white supremacist had donated $500 to Ron Paul's campaign. Dr. Paul owned his ass more so than I've ever seen him own an interviewer. Definately worth checking out.

I showed it to my wife as her first true witnessing of Ron Paul other than hearing me talk and she loved it. It's a good one.

Ron Paul, America's Luke Skywalker

Ron Paul, America's Luke Skywalker

This video is old!

Just watching part one--this is from back in November after the November 5 money bomb. Why is it posted here on the main page?

Here's a Cavuto-Paul interview from Dec. 19:
The agenda for a new world order is a transnational government based on the model of collectivism.
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Uncalled for Criticism & Disrespect...

I've watched Neil Cavuto irregularly over the years, and I never really formed a negative opinion of him, but now I have. Neil Cavuto is a SMALL MAN who is hurtful & petty. His extremely demeaning & disrespectful interview toward Dr. Paul left me asking, "Is he a robot, too?" Doesn't being the Senior of Business News carry any clout at all anymore?

First, he didn't listen to Dr. Paul. He DOES have a Christmas ad. It is playing now. It is the "All I want for Xmas" ad, and it is SUPERB. But, having MESMERIZING MUSIC in the background in combination with a "message" is not good enough for Cavuto.

He makes me sick, along with all the rest of the COWARDS that have the nerve to call themselves "Journalists". He, along with the rest, have not only lost their way, they've lost their hearts....

....and, here it is Christmas!

Carl & Laura Pivonka