Presidential long-shots have a hard time getting respect

Glad to see Ron Paul getting more coverage in New Jersey... The 'Guliani' State. A pretty good write-up too from a local paper (The Asbury Park Press) that I get delivered to my house.

"Long-shot presidential hopefuls may not get elected, but they do tend to grow on you — especially when they're being marginalized, insulted and picked on by everyone else. With the first primaries about 150 days away, the front-running candidates and the media elite no doubt prefer to simplify things by getting rid of those who are given no chance to win.

And I thought the job of thinning out the crop of candidates went to voters, not to the powerful and the powerbrokers.

Try telling that to George Stephanopoulos. In a recent interview with Ron Paul, a Republican congressman from Texas, the host of ABC's "This Week" asked the candidate for his definition of success. Paul predictably responded that it was to win. "That's not going to happen," Stephanopoulos informed him. The candidate then asked the host if he was willing to bet "every cent in your pocket" that Paul couldn't win. Without hesitating, Stephanopoulos said, "Yes."


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