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Obama's Multiple Social Security Numbers go to Court

"The affidavits of the private investigators indicates Obama is using a fraudulent Social Security number," she said, "so I am requesting information from the Social Security Administration that would help us track down the Connecticut-issued number Obama is using as well as the multiple Social Security numbers that show up for Obama in the private investigator databases."


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Waste of time.

All social security numbers are reused once the trustee is terminated.

Is isn't your number, it is theirs.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

FreeManOn Land You Do Not Know What You Are Talking About...

Social Security numbers are issued once and NEVER REISSUED.


SSA Publication No. 05-10002 Social Security Administration

What The Numbers Mean

The nine-digit Social Security number is divided into three parts. The first three numbers generally indicate the state of residence at the time a person applies for his or her first card. Originally, the lowest numbers were assigned to the New England states, and the numbers grew progressively higher in the South and West. However, in recent years, this geographical relationship has been disrupted somewhat by the need to allocate numbers out of sequence to certain growing and populous states. The middle two digits of a Social Security number have no special significance, but merely serve to break the numbers into blocks of convenient size. The last four characters represent a straight numerical progression of assigned numbers.

SSA has issued about 365 million Social Security numbers, and about 10 million new numbers are assigned each year. But even at this rate, there will be no need to reissue the same numbers, revise the present system, or devise a new numbering system for several generations. For this reason, SSA plans to continue using the nine-digit number.


Issued By State

These prefixes indicate the state in which the Social Security Number was issued. This will assist you in identifying the state in which the individual lived or was possibly born. This is a big help when you’re searching the Internet. The prefixes are the first three digits of the SSN.


while you correctly show SSA policy, the reality is they

are dodo birds that have been known and documented to reissue the numbers from dead people.

It has happened, but I don't think it is routine.

samadamscw Can You Cite A Case?

where a number was issued to one person that worked with it and then that same exact number was issued to another person?

Because barring a typo when they were done by hand say 50 years ago and that could have happened it's all computerized now and it would be discovered and the numbers recalled and reissued with new numbers.

Issued by state

So, why/how CT?
All the numbers in Hawaii were used...after only 2 years of statehood?

That Was The Granny In HI. That Pulled That One Off...

Back in the 60s and all the way probably up to the 90s it wasn't hard to commit document fraud in the US.His granny had access to Social Security numbers where she worked.

It doesn't matter because the door will be closed to Nobama in 2012

See here for the why of it...no lawsuits necessary...he's a one term failure...


She Is Tenacious

But the fact remains our Supreme Court is corrupt. There was some kind of a deal cut before the inauguration.

"According to a CBS report, Obama visited the Supreme Court before his inauguration at the invitation of Chief Justice John Roberts. The report described it as a protocol visit."

The Court just committed a serious error by shooting down
Kerchner v. Obama latest case by not recusing the 2 appointed by Obama


I think they left a huge door open on that one.I'd like to see them all swing ala Judge Roy Bean..they deserve nothing more for allowing this to drag out and tossing case after case on standing and refusing to look at the merits and overwhelming evidence against the DNC,Barry the media and other assorted govt officials lying through their teeth covering for the POS in the Whitehouse.