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26 Repubs who supported liberty & rejected the Patriot Act: Who are they?

By Martin Hill
Los Angeles County Libertarian Examiner

Out of the 26 Republican Congressmen who voted no on the Patriot Act, eight of them are Repbulcans who voted no on it in last year. Ten Republicans total voted no on the Patriot Act in 2010, so that leaves an explanation due for two of those ten. Vern Ehlers of Michigan, who served eighth terms in Congress after first being elected in 1993, retired and did not seek office for 2011. Ehlers was replaced by Justin Amash, a Tea Party candidate who is pro-life, for lower taxes and smaller government. He is of Palestinian and Syrian descent, "the first Palestinian American in Congress". Amash is Christian, and a former Michigan statehouse member who voted no on more bills than anyone else. Amash voted no on the Patriot Act.

The second out of the ten who voted no last year is Jason Chaffetz of Utah. He just began his second term in Congress, and it is not clear at this time why he changed his vote from no to yes on the Patriot Act this year.
Following are brief profiles on the remaining eight reps who voted no both this year and last.....

...Now on to the eighteen people who voted No on the Patriot Act in 2011 who were not on the 'NO' LIST in 2010. Some of them were already in office, and switched their votes to support liberty. Others took office for the first time this year. Out of the following eighteen people, only eight are serving their very first term in Congress. This means that out of 87 newly elected Republican Congressman, only eight of those voted NO on the Patriot Act. (13 new Republican Senators took office last month for their first term).
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Thank you!

For posting this. Was just about to go looking for it after reading a portion of it on another post. Let's get the facts & start making those phone calls!

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