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12 Reasons Why Ron Paul Is Very Different From Most Of The Other Contenders For The Republican Presidential Nomination In 2012

Even though most of the potential contenders for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 have not formally announced their intentions yet, the truth is that the race has already begun. Just look at all of the Republican politicians that have scheduled visits to Iowa. Potential candidates are gearing up their campaigns and it should be one of the most interesting primary seasons in ages. But is there anyone in the field that is really that much different from George W. Bush and John McCain? Is there anyone that is not just going to trot out the same tired old ideas? Is there anyone that would actually do something substantial about government debt? Is there anyone that actually wants to shut down the Federal Reserve? Is there anyone that would actually work to restore our civil liberties? Well, the truth is that most of the potential Republican candidates are virtual clones of George W. Bush and John McCain. There are very few in the field that offer any hope whatsoever. But there is one man that does stand out as being very different. His name is Ron Paul.


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#13 – Ron Paul actually votes

#13 – Ron Paul actually votes in a manner consistent with his rhetoric. In fact, he’s been saying the same things and voting the same way for the last 30 years. He’s never voted for a tax increase or an unbalanced budget, and is perennially named The Taxpayer’s Best Friend according to the non-partisan National Taxpayers Union.

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