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UK Court Bans man from having Sex because of Low IQ

What does a "vigorous sex drive" and a low IQ get you?

In Britain, the answer seems to be a court order preventing you from having sex.

In a ruling that was attacked by some as homophobic and insensitive to disabled peoples' rights, a British court ordered last week that a man with a low IQ be banned from having sex.


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Maybe he should come to the

Maybe he should come to the US and Obama will make him a "czar".

is Alan smart enough to

is Alan smart enough to understand the court order ? The judge said sexual education will confuse Alan, I guess law is easier to understand.

lol... don't these courts

lol... don't these courts have thieves, rapists and murderers to prosecute? Or is there just a huge shortage of crime? what a joke the courts have become.

For the most part

the thieves and murderers are the prosecutors. There's certainly no shortage of crime, but it's all "legal." Trillion dollar counterfeiting schemes, multi-billion dollar heists called "bailouts" and the mass-murdering in the Middle East. . . none of that will ever be prosecuted.

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Good points..

Good points..



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