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Will Florida Finally Punish Banks and Lawyers for Foreclosure Document Fraud?

Foreclosure proceedings in courts nationwide have exposed a swamp of fraudulent documents, and in some cases -- though perhaps far too few -- those bad docs have sunk attempts by banks to take people's homes.

Some of Florida's courts, however, -- particularly courts in Lee County -- have come under fire for compounding the documentation problems by ignoring the rule of law in order to rush through foreclosures. And a new rule put in place by the Florida Supreme Court to ensure that documents being used in foreclosures are properly certified hasn't worked well, thanks to a new type of robo-signing that has sprung up to get around it.

In a reflection of how bad things have gotten, lenders are asking judges to "ratify" foreclosures done with robo-signed documents, the Palm Beach Post reported on Saturday. While such "ratification" would not, as a matter of law, mean much, the Post says, it might discourage people from challenging the foreclosures.

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