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RP Position on START Treaty?

I am looking for Ron Paul's position, or even any thinking or analysis, on the START treaty. I am arguing with some Neocons and want to get my facts straight. All your opinions are sought out as well.

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I personally don't know

I'm just confused why we have about 10,000 warheads. We could destroy the world with like 10. And with the strength they can make now prob like 3. I say it's good to have a disarmament, but the last one we really didn't abide by so I doubt we would this time either.

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this is the view I am leaning towards

How many times do you need to be able to blow off the crust of the earth? We're back to Dr. Stranglove Cold war days when anyone still believed anyone could win an all out nuclear exchange. And we are the ones with missiles in Poland aimed at Russia, not the other way around. A Neocon said START puts is at a "serious disadvantage." Just wondering what their spin is so I can come at it.

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