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CPAC: Go to the Straw Poll room early so the boos are cheers this year

Last year the headlines read "Ron Paul booed after winning CPAC Straw Poll"

Shouldn't the headlines read "Ron Paul wins CPAC Straw Poll"?

Get there early on Saturday (preferably around 1 or 2pm) and get seating!!

The room fills up very very quickly.

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Let's also remember Dr. Paul's advice

Don't forget the email that Dr. Paul sent out asking that we not be rude to opposing viewpoints. As much as I'd like to be booing during the awarding of the Defender of the Constitution award to Rumsfeld, it would not look good for our movement. The media still looks at us as kooky undesirables.

We have to work harder than anyone else to maintain a high standard of personal conduct. The media will be at CPAC, and they WILL be looking to capture footage of Ron Paul supporters making idiots of themselves.

Freedom Wins!

Bring your A game

to CPAC and leave the tin foil hats home :)

RP R3VOLution

CNN Political Ticker : Gloria Borger Says Mitt Romney Won At

CPAC Last Year. She Went On To Say Mike Huckelberry And Sarah Palin Will Not Be In Attendence This Year..

The Keynote Speaker Will Be Florida Congressman Allen West, Tea Party Favorite.

Gloria Borger is a CFR hack.

Sometimes she tries to masquerade as a reporter and pundit.
She's not too good at it.

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