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Silver Fundamentals vs Hype and Conspiracy Theories.

anybody listen to this?

here's a quote: This week on the Financial Sense Newshour, Jim Puplava hosts a high-powered silver roundtable featuring Nick Barisheff, CEO of Bullion Management Group Inc., David Morgan of the Morgan Report, and Jeffrey M. Christian, founder of the CPM Group. They discuss how to invest in silver based on the fundamentals, instead of relying on hype and conspiracy theories.

they talk about buying silver to crash jpm, the chinese shorting silver, and silver shortages.

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Another question I have is

Another question I have is this, Why would the comex offer a 30% premium for people to take cash settlements and not stand for delivery if there was not a shortage of silver? There are way to many other things going on that this tidy little group has not addressed. Study both sides of the issue.. This is why I like Ted Butler. He does not toot his own horn and he does not rag on others with differing
opinions. He is level headed and reads the COTS and knows the market structure.

cash settlements for silver

ye, that's a good point.

are cash settlements new? or has that always been the case when comex is dry?

I wish these guys would let

I wish these guys would let someone Like Butler join there little group. Every thing these guys said can be disputed. One thing I would like to bring up is this.. Sumitomo group bought 15 million ounces of silver from Korean Zinc. They did not go the Comex.
That is only one huge corporation. There are Hundreds of these types of companies. On the 100 ounce silver bars, it sure looks like a shortage to me. I can say that if anyone thinks they are going to bankrupt JPM they are crazy. There are many more things happening in the silver market that has not been touched upon in this interview.. and like I said, having an expert like Butler in this conversation would have been good. I think there is truth on both sides.

Notice tho that all these guys are bullish on silver.

butler would be a great

butler would be a great addition to the conversation... would max kaiser. so would Adrian Douglas.

"Notice tho that all these guys are bullish on silver."
ye... i think their point is that there are plenty of reasons to buy silver w/o the stories.

i like how one of the guys says that crashing jpm by buying silver coins doesn't mean there's a silver shortage, it just means that there's a shortage in the production of silver coins. i didn't think of it that way.

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One of the interviewees went to the source, and said he

could get all the 100oz bars he wanted.
Key take away for me is the monetary component has not yet kicked in, and as you point out, they are all bulish long term.
I agree, it would be interesting to have Butler join the discussion.

Undo what Wilson did

LOL, nice way to establish credibility.

Yeah, fundamentals vs. hype and "conspiracy theories." Gee, what a way to establish a loaded dichotomy. In other words, what I say is based on fundamentals; on the other hand, the factors you base your decisions on are "hype" and "conspiracy."

I can't take anyone who engages in this nonsense seriously, so I'll pass.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

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Good discussion. Well worth the time.

Thanks for posting.

Undo what Wilson did