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House having emergency Patriot Act Meeting today (Wednesday)

Start calling!!

House Rules schedules 'emergency' meeting to move Patriot Act extension
By Pete Kasperowicz - 02/09/11 02:23 PM ET

The House Rules Committee has announced an "emergency" meeting today at 3 p.m. in order to approve a rule for considering legislation that would extend three surveillance authorities under the Patriot Act that expire at the end of this month. The "emergency" designation is used by the committee when a meeting is called without providing for more advance notice.

The meeting is needed because the House on Tuesday failed to approve this extension under a suspension of House rules, which required a two-thirds vote. Approving a rule for considering the bill will allow for debate time on the bill and possibly some amendments, but most importantly will allow the measure to pass by a simple majority.

The bill could be reconsidered by the House as early this week under a rule, but a vote has not yet been scheduled.

The bill is H.R. 514, which would let the government access business records, conduct roving wiretaps, and monitor individual terrorists until December 8 of this year. The Senate is considering two bills that would extend these authorities for three years, and one bill that provides a permanent extension.

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Wow isn't that convenient...

I thought I saw a post regarding the Department of Homeland Security stating that the threat level in the U.S. has been heightened. I am sure the DHS is giving those unknowing Congress-critters an earful, and making them think that the Patriot act is desperately needed for security. What a bunch of garbage, I hope those Congress-critters have learned from the past mistakes regarding DHS.

Who cares how they vote? Ever

Who cares how they vote? Ever heard of an EXECUTIVE ORDER?

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Thanks for posting.

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It's the Tea Party!

GOP establishment are doing their best to pretend that the tea party and the constitution had no influence here! They want to keep insisting this is ordinary "partisan politics".

BOEHNER: "We’re not going to be perfect every day. If the Democrats who voted for these same provisions last year would have voted for them this year, it would have passed.”

CANTOR: "It shows they’re not serious. I mean, come on."

LAMAR SMITH ( House Judiciary Committee Chairman )
"I am surprised that so many Democrats who supported an extension of these very same provisions last Congress suddenly changed their votes. President Obama supports a reauthorization of these important national security tools. And the House bill provides Congress with the opportunity to engage in a thorough review of the provisions as we consider a longer reauthorization. It's unfortunate that partisan politics seems to have prevented so many Democrats from doing what's best for America's national security."

And "GOP Aides" are blaming House Majority Whip KEVIN MCCARTHY for failing to "whip the vote"


We need a couple of brave Senators to threaten to filibuster...

this bill if it passes the House. That will knock the wind out of the effort.
Rand Paul? Mike Lee? Are you listening?

What happened????

Didn't they say that there was to be a part in future bills, THAT IT HAD TO PASS CONSTITUTIONAL MUSTER!!!!

How much longer do we put up with the lies and deception?

Looks like they voted to try

Looks like they voted to try again on Friday.

I told my congressman, "Unless you want Cairo to come...

to a neighborhood near you, don't vote for this bill." He didn't.

Just when

I was excited to see an actual push back against the loss of liberty. They try to screw us over yet again. I'm assuming my legislator may reverse his decision during this emergency, but I will have my fingers crossed.

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What are the arguments against extending provisions?

> The provisions are unconstitutional, they can be used to evade due process and ignore the rights of individuals to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects. These provision allow unreasonable searches and seizures.

That's the broad issue. Anyone come up with or find more detailed arguments against these provisions?

Free includes debt-free!

Look at this as "First and Goal".

We stopped them once, we can stop them again. Let's get some of the TeoCons on board and stop this bill in its tracks. The Tea Party should also make it clear that any further attempts to ram this down our throats will result in a "no confidence" vote on Boehner and Cantor.

I give you a snort of

I give you a snort of derision, ser.

Boehner is the same guy who cried on the floor of the House because we weren't giving enough money to the companies in the TARP bailout. If the Tea Party didn't kick him out for that, they won't do it for this.

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Tough job ahead!

Last (suspension vote) time they were on their own 30 yard line and it was fourth down. We barely got our team on the field in time.

If we don't get some momentum going on this they may roll right over us. They have shown they have the votes. We must change that.

We cannot succeed without the support from Democrats. Can we grow the list of Democratic supporters for the Constitution. This is great time to do it.

Let's roll!

Free includes debt-free!

meeting starting

This is what they ALWAYS do.

Anytime they have a bill that really gives us the ULTIMATE screwing, it is a gigantic emergency that they have to pull every string in the book to ram it down our throats at any cost.

But, if a normal bill gets voted down, then it just goes away.

You can see, crystal clear, that they KNOW they are f*cking us hard with this, and they can't stop tripping over themselves to do it. Emergency meetings, special votes, arm-twisting in the aisles, parliamentary hi-jinks, every thing they can think of. Just like with the bail-outs.
Any method, any way, just screw the American people as hard as they can.

Look at Boehner's view on this!

“Listen, we’ve been in the majority four weeks. We’re not going to be perfect every day,” House Speaker John Boehner told reporters Wednesday morning. “If the Democrats who voted for these same provisions last year would have voted for them this year, it would have passed.”

and Cantor's:

...Last February, 162 Democrats voted for a one-year extension of the law. Thirty-six of those voted against extension Tuesday night.

“It shows they’re not serious,” added Majority Leader Eric Cantor. “I mean, come on.”




Like everything else, they

Like everything else, they will pass this no matter what anyone thinks.

Can we Front Page this??

Can we Front Page this??



Hope RP is still in DC.

Hope RP is still in DC.