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NY Rep. Christopher Lee abruptly resigns

NY Rep. Christopher Lee abruptly resigns

WASHINGTON — A New York congressman abruptly resigned his seat Wednesday, saying he was quitting because he regretted actions that have hurt his family and others.

The gossip website Gawker reported Wednesday that Rep. Christopher Lee, a married two-term Republican lawmaker, had sent a shirtless photo of himself to a woman he met on Craigslist.

Lee said in an e-mailed statement that his resignation was effective immediately. The statement offered no confirmation or details of a Craigslist posting.

"I regret the harm that my actions have caused my family, my staff and my constituents," Lee said. "I deeply and sincerely apologize to them all. I have made profound mistakes and I promise to work as hard as I can to seek their forgiveness."

more at http://www.comcast.net/articles/news-general/20110209/US.New...

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This may be a great forbearer

This may be a great forbearer of a movement...

with independent media's ability to dig much deeper than the main stream cares to... they might be able to get half the congress to resign.

Most of these stooges are crack smoking, whore mongering corrupt wastoids... and I'm sure the curious types could find that out pretty quickly!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel already.

So this is all it takes for traitors to resign?

Okay internet savy DP'ers, I see a gauntlet being thrown.

I'd bet someone would be able to "seduce" targeted politicians into committing such morally questionable acts, and then leading to their resignations.

There has to be several female DP lookers out there who wouldn't mind taking one for the team by trying to get traitorous Representatives and Senators to show a little skin and then shame them into resigning.

If we can't get them out for being traitors, perhaps sex scandals can restore the Republic?

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he voted to extend the patriot act...

i am glad he is gone...


its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

That's my congressman

It's funny I usually use our local talk radio shows (wben weak) to bring up true libertarian views and poke holes in divisive politics . Chris Lee is a frequent guest on wben and I have spoken to him a few times .I tell you he is a successful business man and probably wanted out of sucking up and glad handing.I am self employed 13 yrs and I would have a hard time in plastic land

Maybe we know each other.

I'm from Cheektowaga. Our county Republican chair Langworthy is Lee's boy. After Lee voted for the Food Modernization Act I cc'd Langworthy on one of my email distribution list and called him out. Let him know that they joined the tar and feather list.

Langworthy is having our county repub roundtable meeting on Feb 19 at the vfw on walden near union.

Are you going to go?

I think it is ironic that we

I think it is ironic that we live in a country where a congressional representative immediately resigns in shame for getting caught sending someone a picture of himself with his shirt off and profusely apologizes for it, yet that same man, who breaks his oath to the Constitution of the United States on a REGULAR BASIS, has no qualms about maintaining his congressional seat while doing so.

At this point, if my congressman voted the same way as Ron Paul does, he could send naked pictures of himself to nuns if he wanted. I'd take that over him subverting my freedom.

"The casualty of partisanship is objectivity."

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now that right there...

is funny!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Alright! He voted for the Food Modernization Act.



there goes one of the "yes" votes for the Patriot Act extension. Lee voted for the Patriot Act yesterday.

Now they need to rustle up another one more than before.


Good Riddance

He voted to extend the Patriot Act

Here I stand...

bare-chested to face the world...


Thanks for the news


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