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The Washington Post just issued a hit piece on Ron..."Ron Paul's economic Rx: a Southern secessionist"

Pretty stupid stuff...but then again we are dealing with statists here.


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This fool is just a

This fool is just a mouthpiece for the criminals that have been scamming us for a century. But what should be expect from mainstream media? They have been promoting the Federal Reserve, fractional reserve banking, and the swindling of the American people for decades. Should we expect anything else from them?

Zombie attack



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What a surprise! These no-name political hacks love to attack Dr. Paul because they get more page views than on any of the other garbage they write about. The biggest cowards disable comments, like Milbank has done here. Garbage.

These "hit pieces" can be useful.

Judge Napolitano will have "The Real Lincoln" segment to celebrate President's Day. I'll post this "hit piece" on his wall, so he can address it, if he chooses.

As long as Congress has reps

As long as Congress has reps like Clay who is still in his color mode of history and thinking, a meaningful exploration of solutions and think-tank overviews will be intellectually futile.

It shows that the Pauls have influence

and the lame stream media is worried that it will grow

establishment hit piece


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"I'm not sure before we had

"I'm not sure before we had an FDIC you could make a case bank runs were worse"

If he really did say that, he deserves criticism, and lots of it.

Michael Nystrom -

Dr. Paul should make Michael Nystrom his witness next time.

He should just avoid any controversy like this & just pick his leadoff witness's from the Daily Paul. (At least those w/ a reputable history here).

(what is a "leadoff witness" anyways?)

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"Mr. Nystrom, your website espouses some...unorthodox views...

such as..."

I don't think that'd go any better.

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that's what the unpublish key is for! :D

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

In England they order people with low IQ not to have sex

In America they get jobs at WaPo or in Congress.

Don't waste stupid!

Free includes debt-free!

You know they have no

You know they have no argument when they start slinging mud. It was pretty apparent this was the tactic when the senior Democrat started off questioning why DeLorenzo was there. I believe Clay was the gentleman's name.

I watched it live...

Clay was pathetic. He refused to discuss economic theory, but then went on to call Austrian Economics a pseudoscience, accused DiLorenzo of unqualified, then implied he was a racist.

The best part was when DiLorenzo recommended Rothbard to the congressman from Arizona. "There is this anarchist you could read..."

All initiation of force is a violation of someone else's rights, whether initiated by an individual or the state, for the benefit of an individual or group of individuals - RP

...and stupid Clay didn't

allow DiLorenzo to defend the racist accusations that CLay made against him...Typical race card manipulation that is old, lame and seen by all for what it is.

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This is what liberals do

They can not argue on a philosophical level, so they discredit by labeling everyone a racist. This is what he is doing with DiLorenzo by tying him to Southern organizations. Zionists do this all the time.

That said, there are scores of economists that Dr. Paul could have had there. Why an academic historian?

Why an academic historian? Each of the 3 submitted reports.

I have not read them yet, but if there is an answer to your question, it will be in those reports.

Free includes debt-free!

DiLorenzo teaches economics

That is his full time job at Loyola. So he is an economist, professionally, though he usually writes on economic history. But that is exactly what you need if you are talking about whether the Fed has created jobs.

There may have been other economists, just as good, who could have been chosen - Roger W. Garrison, Robert Murphy, etc. But I am sure they would have been subject to some other red herring. "I read on Wikipedia that you are an anarchist..", etc.

All initiation of force is a violation of someone else's rights, whether initiated by an individual or the state, for the benefit of an individual or group of individuals - RP

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That is true. But since we all know

that the smear artists are waiting for any tiny speck of vulnerability, I'd like to see the RP camp be more astute in its selection of scholars.

DiLorenzo is a good man I'm confident. But any slight hint of non-PC flavoring is going to be attacked viciously, with no context to show why it's not racist or kooky or whatever.

I agree there are many excellent economists that don't like the Fed, so DiLorenzo seems the wrong choice.

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I know that you are being protective of Ron & Rand P, but

reedr3v, in the biased hubristic self-righteous eyes of SPLC and ADL NOBODY is unblemished. Rather than searching for or pretending to be a perfect invulnerable superman, I would rather see Prof. DiLorenzo and any other future debaters (and all of us, for that matter) to be ready to aggressively defend our positions on various historical interpretations of, say, the Civil War (tax and tariff issues behind the event), Lincoln (tyrannical use of presidential power), FDR (forced & failed statist policies) and other issues.

There is NO reason to be apologetic for what we sincerely think, believe, and love. If liberty is our shared utmost concern for the country, we should be ready to practice it wholeheartedly in our daily life and at the congressional hearing stands.

This was an obvious setup.

This was an obvious setup. The questions that the coward Clay asked were given to him by someone and this article was coordinated with that same someone. DiLorenzo writes about the truth about Lincoln and gets lambasted in a cowardly fashion.

The Judge has said he doesn't oppose anarchy and he doesn't believe what the government said regarding 9/11. If he was testifying they would have written a hit piece on him. Should he not call the Judge for a testimony? It was a setup.

Columbus, Ohio

Setup for sure, but...

It was clearly a setup; however, DiLorenzo has written controversial books on a subject that is sacrosanct in contemporary America. I have read Lincoln Unmasked. He is not a very good writer at all.

We must understand the Matrix we live in. I don't believe the Civil War was fought for slavery but the vast majority of the masses do. Therefore it is accepted as truth. This is not the place to have him where the Zionists can so easily discredit him. This is why Dr. Paul is so powerful. Because he is extremely difficult to discredit. There must be people with less baggage who can deliver the message of economic liberty.


Whoo-hoo that Milbank guy is unattractive. People who usually write RP hit pieces are just looking for attention; their sick way of connecting themselves to the popularity of Dr. Paul. It's funny because he makes fun of Dr. Paul's calculations, yet his "correction" is even more wrong.
Posted it yesterday & again today: Now that the MSM has all but announced Dr. Paul is running for president, this site will see a big jump in traffic. Some good - some bad. The bad will be more stealthy this time around.

This moron called us a cult. (snort)

Here's the link if you have a question for him:

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica


Well, that will only make the Right love him more, and CPAC is here....

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Now that Dr. Paul is getting

Now that Dr. Paul is getting closer to main stream, he'll be attacked viciously by the left-wing MSM because he's becoming a threat. Buckle up. It's going to be a rough ride.

to be expected.

to be expected.