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Greenwald: Patriot Act vote extremely important!! Puts Ron and Rand on a pedestal

... There is precedent for this type of alliance on this and other issues. Early on in the Bush years, a bill to repeal Patriot Act abuses was co-sponsored by Kucinich and Ron Paul, and supported by the ACLU. A bill to audit the Federal Reserve was opposed by most of official Washington but enacted by a left-right alliance. Some of the earliest and most outspoken opposition to Bush civil liberties radicalism -- and the war in Iraq -- came jointly from the Left and from the Cato Institute. Religious Right groups scared of federal government oppression have long joined with the ACLU and others in opposing some civil liberties incursions, such as the Patriot Act. Controversy over things like TSA patdowns and the corrupt way the Wall Street bailout was manufactured came from both the Right and the Left. The fact that it's Tea Party Sen. Rand Paul willing to question the value of American financial and military assistance to other nations (including to Israel) -- while Democrats attack him for that brave position -- further underscores the potential here. And in other nations -- such as Britain -- one finds a genuine left-right alliance against the political establishment's relentless assaults on civil liberties. ...

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And it looks like this was written before he saw. . .

Rand Paul's "Statement Opposing the Patriot Act" youtube.

I bet Glenn G would approve of THAT awesome declaration against the Patriot Act!


Thanks for posting.

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


Great article.

Our guys wear a pedestal well, I think.

Don't you?

And this was without even knowing Rand's position on the Patriot act...

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