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Need Advice For a Paper I'm writing

I have to write a paper on a topic analyzed through three different disciplinaries. For instance, I plan on writing about drug prohibition through the lenses of its economic effects; its effects on the family; and the effects on society. What do you think? Are there any good resources online I could look through? Is there another topic you think will be better?

Thanks alot for any help!

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Brutus, as a parent of five

Brutus, as a parent of five children I would strongly suggest interviewing parents you know who have succeeded at raising children into productive adults and use those interviews as the centerpiece of your work.

Real experts have the scars, wisdom and rewards of experience.

Look Local, Brutus

The point

of higher education is to do your own research in order to expand one's intellectual horizons. Only a liberal would ask others for help and suggestions. :-))

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check out the website norml.org

it has a ton of information on medical use, law enforcement, laws, hemp, lots more.

How about if drugs were

How about if drugs were legalized, what would change through the eyes of law enforcement, drug users, and drug dealers?

Columbus, Ohio

Thanks for the law

Thanks for the law enforcement suggestion. I'll probably write about it through a law enforcement perspective, economic perspective, and a societal perspective.

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The money

would still be there.
Regulation Regulation, that is all that would change.

Hmmm? I'm saying

Hmmm? I'm saying hypothetically if drugs were totally legalized, not regulated, what would change within those three groups.

Columbus, Ohio