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Trump Receives Cheers, Boos After Declaring Ron Paul Can Not Get Elected (Video)

This was posted on the top of the Drudge Report


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"Ron Paul can't get elected"

"Ron Paul can't get elected" or "Ron Paul doesn't have electability", who decides these things? Without even a vote, they are so certain how the American public will cast their vote. And then of course, the sheeple that buy this message, won't bother to vote for him, because they think it's in vain.


is just in love with himself.

The voters won´t stick to him anymore than his hair will.

He is the exact opposite of Ron Paul. Ron is humble and about ideas, Trump is all about himself.

What a joke..

It's self-important megalomaniacs like Trump who give capitalism a bad name. Stating Ron Paul has no chance at the presidency just proves how out of touch he is with the rest of the people that make up America. He ought keep his uniformed thoughts to himself, or as was the case at CPAC, risk making himself look a bigger imbecile than he already is. Ron Paul has more truth and integrity in his pinky finger than Trump has in his entire make-up. Trump may have one advantage though. Seeing as the United States is on it's way to bankruptcy, something Trump is very familiar with, he knows first hand about passing the burden of his personal/professional failures on to others. Yeah, that's what America is becoming, morally and financially bankrupt. There is only one person with the qualification, integrity, and astuteness to bring America back from the brink, and his name sure isn't Trump. Trump could do a world of good if he'd take the time to get over himself and really take a look at Ron Paul.


What Trump fails to realize is that Ron Paul has been elected many times to Congress.

So... he CAN get elected. He IS electable! And he CAN get elected president by We The People.


We all have to remember that this is the same a-hole that tried to trademark the words, "You're fired."

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

You gotta admit that he was poking fun at Ron's fans

But he wasn't joking about Ron's prospects of winning. The electoral college and all the votes are strictly controlled by the banks. They and Mr. Trump are keenly aware that President Paul can wipe out the national debt with an Executive Order. The current monetary system is debt-based ever since Bretton Woods.

Trump also

is a serious coat-tail rider. Whatever is hot in the news or trending, he tries to insinuate himself in it.

He also has a volatile temper & has been known to engage in flame-wars & some seriously insulting name-calling. Not very "presidential candidate" behavior.

He should stick to what he knows: bankruptcies, bad casinos, & beauty pageants.

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Trump has an unhealthy desire for power.

Not a person we would want in government.

What that mess of a hairdo hasn't taken into consideration ...

is that Dr. Paul may not have won the presidency, but did, in fact, win the hearts and minds of millions worldwide--and is continuing to win more everyday! His approval rating is going up all the time while the ratings of the corrupt "elected" are going down all the time because they've betrayed the American people w/their broken promises as well as having broken their oaths to our precious Constitution. Maybe winning the presidency is less important in the long run (time will tell) than that of being a patriotically principled instrument promoting liberty by awakening millions of good people the world over to understand and respect their humanity and hold dear their god-given liberty. Dr. Paul will never loose that race, and his ratings in that regard are becoming stratospheric. That's what pisses them off! That's the race that will count in the "course of human events" IMHO!

yogmama you are making an important,

and generally overlooked, point. When all is said and done, the real winner in the 2008 presidential raace was Dr. Paul. Sure, McCain won the nomination but can anyone remember even one thing that he said or any idea he had? DOA.
Granted, Obama is President, but I am sure even he would admit that his version of change has been been skewed by the ideas of Dr. Paul.


Well he is an expert in

Well he is an expert in bankruptcy?
But he is an empty suit, an arrogant piece of raw sewage.
And if there is any justice in the world, please can he get new hair???

Formerly rprevolutionist

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Google: Donald Trump-6.81M Hits; Ron Paul-39.3M Hits.

He can have all of his money. He will need every penny.

Ron Paul 2012

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Did you see the FAUXNEWS "POLL"

that lists 14 possible candidates, and Ron Paul is not mentioned? Nothing new here:


Somehow, I missed the page where questions 1 and 2 were released. Must have been answers they did not want!

Looks like more of the same for 2012! Isn't there any Paul supporter who owns a media outlet? This is insulting!

They Are Going To Do The Same Thing They Did Last Time...

And it's going to be much worse because Ron is recognized throughout the world now and has an incredible base but they are to stupid to give him the nomination.

I am hoping that Ron goes back to the Libertarian Party and splits the ticket that will show the GOP who's holding the keys to the Whitehouse.

With all the multitudes that will support Ron no matter what party he chooses he is the one that makes or breaks the GOP in 2012

Force the GOP to vote for you Ron...they are never going to listen.
Take it before it's too late...we are with you all the way.

There is a season turn turn turn...and a time to every purpose under heaven...The man,the season and the purpose...

Ron Paul 2012 Take No Prisoners!!!

That's pretty funny!

A guy who's never been elected to anything saying that a guy who has been elected ten times can't get elected.

I definitely heard more jeers than cheers while The Don was trying to extricate his foot from his mouth.


This seems orchestrated to me. Trump attacks Paul, but the real point is to associate in the minds of the viewers the irrelevancy of Trump with Ron Paul. The point being to create the perception of an A-List group of candidates and a B-List group. Trump and all the other "rabble" go to the B-List, and then attack Ron Paul creating the perception that Paul is at their level. Romney and the other A-Listers ignore Paul creating the perception that they are in a different league.

One big problem with this strategy is Rand Paul, because he is a Senator now, so you can't really B-List him, although they've tried pretty hard too. Rand is beginning to give all kinds of credence to his Dad and the whole movement.

at best

Trump is a circus act with his orange comb-over and his bad teeth. He has Tammy Fay Baker appeal.

Ha ha ha!

"Tammy Fay Baker appeal" - Laugh out loud funny - thanks.

looks like Trump replaces

looks like Trump replaces Rudy Guilani. This only helped our cause.

Another wannabe man crashes

Another wannabe man crashes against the rock of Ron Paul.

As a teen (in the 80's), i was fascinated by Trump...even tead his books and thught a lot of him...w bit of a role model for me,. He inspired me to think big, go to college and leave my petty ways behind.

Then i saw his bad ethics in business and relationships. It hurt...and i forgot about him.

Years later, the apprentice came out and i found the show to offer some good lessons...albeit, a lot of crap too, but better than most TV.

His books still had some good, but they were steered to the masses...too vague. yhe books also show alliancrs with politians...Think like a Champion was nearly dedicated to Obama.

Although he could offer a lot to politics, his sellout ethics forces me to conclude that he is a plant...probably hired to assasinate Paul in the debates.

Some may question why would an obama supporter run as a republican AND attack paul. Once you understand the two parties are really one, you see that it is easy to switch around...depending on your goal. And it seems that Trump's goal has to do with Paul.

Ummm what would trump be running for?

It would be funny as hell if he was talking about running for President lol...He would get one vote...
from the same person who gave him his money...his dad.

Trump is a horrendous

Trump is a horrendous businessman. He lives in tons of debt and couldn't had made it big w/o taking the debt.

Don't use any of his products ie. Casinos, hotels, real estate apt buildings, golf courses, vodka & other liquors. I know he has a huge apt building in NYC and Chicago. He's got casinos & a prominent golf course in NJ.

Boycott ALL his garbage. And as someone mentioned earlier DUMP TRUMP!

One IRRELEVANT Man's Opinoin

Pompous ass Trump's opinion: Ron Paul has zero chance.

Person introducing Dr. Ron Paul should clearly state "I'm sorry, Donald Trump has zero chance."

Surprise appearance of an irrelevant tv clown.


That's pretty sad; however, will somone please tell individuals like Michelle Bachman to stop playing both sides of the fence. She voted for the patriot act. She needs to know you cant choose when you want to follow the constitiutiion

Michelle's vote against America to be ADVERTISED

That will shut her up. And VOTE BACHMANN OUT NEXT ELECTION.

We don't need another empty suit co-opting honest patriots.

Newsmax putting its spin on this


Trump 'Rocks the House' at CPAC as He Talks Issues, Presidential Run
Friday, 11 Feb 2011 08:36 AM

By Mike Tighe

The Donald trumped other speakers at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Thursday, drawing raves from the audience and kudos from pundits for a rousing speech in which he said he’ll decide by June whether to run for president. Trump “rocked the house,” “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough declared on his show this morning.

If he runs for president and wins, the multibillionaire real estate mogul promised the 2,500 conservative politicians and activists in the audience, America “will be respected again.”

Trump, who told Newsmax during an exclusive interview when he visited the company’s headquarters in West Palm Beach, Fla., last month that he was “seriously thinking about” a presidential run, brought a holler of “You’re HIRED” from a female member of the CPAC audience.

Politico pronounced Trump the “best-received speaker” on CPAC’s opening day in Washington. “The audience lapped up his act,” Politico’s Maggie Haberman wrote.

Trump, who was added to CPAC’s speaker line-up at the last minute, addressed several issues, including noting that he is pro-life and that, if he did become president, he would quash President Barack Obama’s embattled healthcare law.

When one of the Trump enthusiasts in the crowd hollered, “You’re HIRED,” he pointed at her and returned the favor, proclaiming: "You're hired! These are my people. This is beautiful."

On the other hand, he drew a few boos when he said of Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul’s presidential aspirations: “Ron Paul can't get elected, I'm sorry . . . I like Ron Paul. I think he is a good guy, but honesty, he just has zero chance of getting elected. And I can tell you this, if I run and if I win, this country will be respected again."

However, the applause for Trump drowned any boos about the Paul comment.

Oh boy

"OOOOH boy"
~Donald Duck

"There are only two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword, the other is by debt." - John Adams


change you can believe. Perfect ticket for this sad-ass party. Donald is a douche and almost as dumb as Mitt. Rumsfeld and Cheney together why didn't CPAC spend some extra money and purchase an exploding stage from Al-Queda.

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

Romney/Trump: We're All About The Hair

One has it, the other fakes it. How could they possibly lose? LOL