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Murray Rothbard's Book "The Origins of the Federal Reserve" is online for FREE

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For anyone

For anyone that owns an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, there is an app called "stanza", if you download it, open it and go to "get books" at the top you will see it say "catalog","shared" and "Downloads"....click "shared" then click "Edit" and add booksource. Under "Name" put "Mises Catalog" and under "URL" put: http://mises.org/catalog...then hit save.

With that you can add a book source from the mises institute that has a plethora of free books.

Some of the titles include:

The Case Against the Fed-Murray Rothbard
A Foreign Policy of Freedom-Ron Paul
Freedom Under Siege-RP
The Law-Bastiat
The Left, the Right and the State-Lew Rockwell
What Has the Government Done to Our Money?-Murray Rothbard
Theory of Money and Credit-Mises
Mystery of Banking-Murray Rothbard
Man, Economy and State- Rothbard
Lessons for the Young Economist-Bob Murphy

And many MANY more...this is the best resource ever!

Authors such as
Ron Paul
Doug French

Bump Rothbard


Free includes debt-free!