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I <3 the new Vote Button!!!

There have been some changes to DP I see!!! Love it!

Sometimes I dont want to comment, but want to support in a small way.

The Similarity Search should help on the double posts too.

Thanks Micheal!

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The thread voting I can kind of understand.

Though I would think only positive votes, or only the ability to vote after commenting would be better.

However, I see no benefit to the comment voting. It just seems a way for people who don't like someone to be a child and go through voting down someone's comments in various threads.

Really? The DP was just fine without all of this. I never liked dig or reddit for this very reason.

not only Jon's reason...

but darn... who really cares? Its not as if that vote feature is a life or death struggle. I like it to show a little support instead of commenting and welcome it with open arms.

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then turn it off

to hide just comment votes, put in:
.comment .vud-widget{display:none}

If someone had to comment before voting, we'd get a lot of people repeating generally the same thing.

Neural nets need both positive & negative feedback to be efficient.

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I like it too

but when I pull up the DP on my Blackberry, the new "vote" Text jumbles up each comment. I guess the text size does not adjust or something. But I really like the new feature when I am using my PC.

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great addition. thanks!

great addition. thanks!

- Brennan

Sorry I can't seem to get an

Sorry I can't seem to get an answer... What is it we are supposed to be voting for????

What are the parameters for voting???... We like the article or comment???? ...we don't like the article or comment???? ... we agree with the article or comment???....
we personally like the poster??? ...we randomly indicate we've read it????

Is the number now associated with an article supposed to be an indicater of its popularity??? whereas, formerly wouldn't the quantity of responses and comments indicate its ability to generate discussion? rather than just be a popularly acceptable one???

Stop making sense

It is a Rorschach button.

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NOW it makes sense!

I was beginning to think it was just me.

Another apparent change ...

Under the "Who's Online" section, it seems that the # of "guests" is turned off. I've only seen it show 0-3 people as "guests" although the "users" # is working. Did anyone else notice this?


It used to say upwards of around 100+ people usually. It was better that way because it showed the members how many people were online reading their posts. I've seen some of the things we write turn up on The Daily Show.

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I just read

yours and Joη's comments. I haven't been watching the dp closely lately so I must have missed the other conversation. I used to use "guests" as sort of a prioritizing gauge as well ... kind of a quick snapshot of current activity. I don't remember it reseting to "0" each hour even last spring/summer when I used to watch it closely. The exception would be sometimes after 12 midnight. I could be wrong.

I was thinking that it might have been turned off before so the trolls couldn't time their attacks when there were a lot of guests online (such as after a media event or something that brings in a lot of potentially new traffic). Guess I was wrong. lol.

Anyways, everything doesn't always work perfectly. Chalk it up to dp growing pains I guess.

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this was addressed a while back

I for once can't find it, but it has nothing to do with what's happened recently. It was turned off by someone in a previous upgrade. I'm going to remove that so people stop asking about it.

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You mean -

you're going to turn it back on so we can see?

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as a result of [something I didn't do] that number is no longer being monitored. I can't turn it on.

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Well - you seem to be the DP wizard now. Can you fix it somehow? It seems a dirty jip that the neo-cons can see us but we can't see them. Seems even more stealthy. Come on Jon --- work your magic!

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what? Who cares about seeing an inaccurate aggregate...

that number was never correct in the first place. I graphed it: it aggregated anonymous hits per hour, and dropped to zero each new hour.

You want site statistics? In the footer of every page:

S'just a number. I've added all these other numbers to more efficiently get at good content, that's my focus.

Not trying to sound harsh...too late tonight...Anyway, g'night for now!

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Actually -

As you can read, some of us do care. (Obviously). It was something that was there back in 2007 for a couple of years & did come in handy for us so as to see what topics were urgent & to keep on front page. And back then it was never down to zero. That was something that you saw after you joined & the recent switch. Threads just for us like favorite movies, for instance, would be better left for low visitor count than for when there's say, 300+ guests online. And if it wasn't accurate, at least it gave us an approx. figure on how many folks were reading us.

Forget it if it's not in your scope. Will ask MN.

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that's a very...rough...way to gauge urgency

I wouldn't presume lurker activity to correlate that way; lots of people go to a site to see what is there at that time, not because they know what's there.

But ok.

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Nothing urgent. (???) It doesn't even read that we're talking about the same thing. And people usually visit a site for Both reasons - to see what is & what they know is there.

BTW - what were you going to remove so people would stop asking about it? And from where?

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I had in inkling we weren't talking about the same thing...

but I was talking about the guest count under "Who's Online", a value which is no longer gathered, and suspect you were too. You'll notice that text is gone now.

I was referring to your use of the word urgency.

And to be clear, it rarely visibly dropped down to zero. Most people saw it drop drastically and start recounting at each hour change, but not necessarily at zero.

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Just what is it we are

Just what is it we are supposed to be voting for?


Good additions.

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Thank Jon

This is his handiwork.

Thanks Jon.

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It's Joη :)

Thanks Joη!

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consolidating thread:


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amen! nice addition!

amen! nice addition!

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You all are my favorite

You all are my favorite people. :)

The votes should follow the

The votes should follow the active forum topics sidebar as well.