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Awkward Moment for Gov. Johnson at CPAC - Neo-Cons Rush Him Off-Stage in The Middle Of His Speech


"Johnson had just moved on to immigration when, all of a sudden, country music began to swell. The day's emcee, Pajama Media's Roger Simon, popped out from behind the curtain and stood to Johnson's right, waiting. Clearly, Johnson's CPAC moment was over. "

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He may have had a short time

He may have had a short time limit.

Need more info.

I like Gary

I really do, but I cant help but wonder why he ALWAYS talks about legalizing drugs. I dont disagree with his viewpoints per se...I just dont think a lot can be accomplished by starting off every speech with drug legalization. Thats a hot button issue that should be mentioned delicately or else people will tune you out. I dont blame him for talking about it...just not all the time Gary! You have to make a name for yourself first, then hit them with legalization arguments.

Just my opinion.

I second that.

I second that.



Looked like normal

activity He walked off on his own, after a sign off.


That's pretty sad; however, will somone please tell individuals like Michelle Bachman to stop playing both sides of the fence. She voted for the patriot act. She needs to know you cant choose when you want to follow the constitiutiion

Didn't The Egyptians Just Topple An Oppressive Regime In Egypt?

We the people will topple oppressive war mongers, right here in the USA !


If Ron Paul Doesn't Run, Johnson is My Guy

But if Dr. Paul does run, I hope that Johnson does not run. He will only take votes from Dr. Paul.


I know they gave him a speaking slot at the last minute...either they were very rude to him or they simply didn't have enough time


His reputation will grow. He seems to hit on all the right points. Still not as elequant as Ron. But a constitutionalist he does appear to be.

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