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CPAC Iphone APP straw poll will be announced at CPAC --vote for Ron!!

He was losing to Romney and we brought him back, but if you have the iphone, download the iphone app here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cpac/id415695965?mt=8

then go to the tabs at the bottom, and click strawpoll (you can 'continue anonymously', you don't have to sign up at their place). Fill all blanks, WATCH OUT because Rand is on there too, and this time we need to vote Ron.

If I was at CPAC I'd definitely write Rand in as my second choice, because the guys there have the option.

You too can vote at CPAC!!

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RP has huge lead

When checking the results of this iphone app vote, Ron Paul at 44.64%, followed in second place Mitt Romney with 11.07%..

If this were a ploy to take votes away from Paul, i think it was a poor idea to do with with iphones, mostly owned by young folks who are more likely to support Paul than Romney..

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just downloaded & voted..

just downloaded & voted..

I opened it up and cannot find the tab- Help!

I couldn't find any tab that said Straw Poll........Am I blind?


at the bottom of the page where your 'contacts' tab is if you

are using your phone.

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and voted.

This is an attempt to defeat Ron Paul

By opening their poll to people not attending the conference, this is, in effect, a way to try to drown out the Ron Paul supporters who actually made the effort to be there in person.

You are correct

and man it sux. Electronic voting because Ron would win without it.