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So I see the new "Vote" counter...what does it do?

Just noticed the new vote counter next to each thread. What does it do? Does it keep the top stories in priority for awhile? Or is it just a number of "Likes"?

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Daily Paul

Must say this:
Daily Paul has never looked as beautiful as it looks today!

Big Thank you Joη & everyone who helped bring the wonderful changes!

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this is unrelated to the vote counter

but a question I've had for awhile (putting it on this thread because it's active and my ? deals with a possible new feature)

When I post a thread to facebook, is there anyway to make it have the specific video or picture from the thread rather than a pic from the homepage of dailypaul and the text from the original post rather than a random comment on the original post? A lot of times I'd like to post from the dailypaul so that facebook friends will be led to the dailypaul if they click to read it (and hopefully read some of the many brilliant comments people leave), but many times I end up posting the article, youtube or whatever directly from the source because the random comment that happens to be picked for the facebook post is not one I want to highlight on my facebook page.

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I think that has to do with how facebook looks at DP

nothing that we can explicitly do.

Maybe we could try and find when the facebook robots scan the DP, or (like there are "print friendly pages") some "facebook friendly view", but ... I've never looked into this.

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Showing up in the most popular box to the right--->

Awesome work Jon.

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consolidating thread:


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The vote feature is great!

Thanks Michael and Jon. I hope at some point the votes affect the status of the OP ranking and comments including possibly the Front Page with moderation of course.

It's good to see you are continuing to develop the site, it is such a great resource. I'll be sending another donation soon, for sure.

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It counts votes.


Seriously, at this time, it just counts votes.

Comments can be voted on also. At a certain threshold, abusive comments will be hidden if they receive enough down votes.

Its Jon's brainchild!

Just a question....What is

Just a question....What is considered an abusive comment? Isn't this the same as censorship??? ...Agree or be tossed off the thread. This has been a contentious issue in our major newspaper. Comments that oppose the general thread just disappear????

from youtube or yahoo they

from youtube or yahoo they have a similar concept, but even if it is "blocked", the more adventurous types can click on the "block" to re-open it. Wouldn't mind that.

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you can

if a comment's minimized, click on title to make it big. Nothing's gone.

The low-vote threshold is probably too high at this point, there're only two low votes and I asked people to make one.

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it's up to you

you vote.

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That's what our news forums

That's what our news forums have been doing for awhile...I fear it also is a filtering device.

Already... a negative comment

Already... a negative comment receives a negative vote??? Good luck!

Please do not let it

affect the active forum topics. It will keep the highest voted one on top but not the active ones. Maybe a section of highest ranked?

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I don't believe you.

"At a certain threshold, abusive comments will be hidden..."

Prove it. ;)

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hee hee


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After I posted

this thread...I knew I had opened up myself for this comment...and look who it's from. HAHAHAHAHAAHA Thanks! Just couldn't resist could you?

And what will happen to

And what will happen to threads with a high number of 'likes'?

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I have been hoping this feature would be added.