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Vermont Proposes Single-Payer State Health Care


It appears their governor wants to remove competition from the equation entirely, making the state the sole supplier of services.

Sounds like a really bad idea to me.

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If Vermont wants it

then let them have it. It is up to whether their state constitution and the people allow it. No pesky federal constitution to get in the way.

I will be buying property on bordering states to catch the exodus.

Let's discuss.

State would be easier to control than Federal, but I really don't know all of the pros and cons.

Seems to me state mandates could work

within an open and competitive framework. The "uninsurables"... that's a tough nut to crack. Also, those same folks bump up against the issue of "how much coverage is reasonable" for a society to absorb? There are issues that straightforward competition might not address, I'm sorry to say.

I predict that the proposal

will die quickly BUT having the discussion is valuable. In a free market of ideas it might be that a universal health care achieves a wide concensus. However, it should never be a mandatory system and businesses should not be forced to participate either in paying for it or collecting fees on behalf of employees.


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