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TIME: Before His Arrival, Ron Paul Is Everywhere At CPAC

The reason for this shift won't even appear in the main hall until 3:30 p.m. on Friday. Ron Paul is a star here, even when he doesn't show up. When Rep. Paul Ryan, the head of the budget committee came out Thursday, he tried to connect with the youthful crowd by name dropping the superstar. “I understand that there are some Ron Paul fans here,” he said. “I'm the other Paul.”

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From RPF

The story of the day was Ron Paul:

First, his organization had the most-attended events and registered the most people.

Second, Paul Ryan, the 'future' of the GOP opens his speech talking about Ron Paul.

Third, Trump brings up Ron Paul to push his name into the media (worked perfectly).

Four, Rumsfeld and Cheney are all over the press cause what Ron Paul supporters did, albeit disrespectfully.
Five, his son speaks.

Ron speaks today, and it should be very interesting what happens. The rumor around C4L at Cpac was that he’s announcing this weekend so we will see!

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