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Ron Paul's CPAC 2011 Speech

Great speech.

Thank you everybody for finding it. (There were a few of you)

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We should all study this speech.

We should learn it well.



I have been reading some of the comments on the youtube site.

There are many, many good ones but the one I liked was the use of the teleprompter....or the lack of one lol

I think people are in shock that someone can convey a msg such as that without visual aids :)


Ron Paul/Gary Johnson in 2012!!!!!

My Dream Team. Your opinion?


He was very serious and this was another great speech.
Thank You Dr. Paul

"I don't know where he [Osama bin Laden] is. I have no idea and I really don't care. It's not that important. It's not our priority." George W. Bush March 13, 2002.

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Rand Paul 2016

"Government should never be able

to do anything you can't do."


Ron Paul 2012


should NEVER do anything you can't do......says it ALL


It was a truly glorious occasion.

Long Live the Liberator!!!


Sure got me smiling..u could

Sure got me smiling..u could just feel all the energy..wow.

Aretha Franklin - Think (Freedom)

It's the song at the end of RP's speech.

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I think this is one of the best speeches he has ever made.

Most profound. I am going to listen to it again.


Just finished

my second listen, great, great speech.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

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Yes. One of his best speeches. . . for content and passion.

He is trying to show us how to think and live in liberty. How to WANT to be free from government intrusion and dependency on it. . . so that when the dollar crisis comes and the delusion of power and wealth dissipates, we will be prepared to exercise our liberty.

I think he could have take a

I think he could have take a more presidential approach to it. Rand is calling for BOLD leadership... would have been nice to see Ron have a speech that was BOLD.

It was a great speech, but I don't know if it conveyed the Boldness Rand was discussing.

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Yes, it was very bold! There is no one more bold and brave

than the good Doc.




'Crashmakers' by Edwin Vieira, comes to mind!

Those who have read 'Crashmakers' by Vieira will recognize a slight similarity in Dr. Paul's reference to opting out and paying in 10%!

'Crashmakers' is a novel format, two volume book, which the government did not want Vieira to write. It is about a solution to the whole mess, how fictitious but recognizable characters play the parts of Fed chair, bankers, young patriots with money who play the system to wipe out the Feds power. In the process during the administration of the 'good' president, the people are asked to voluntarily pay into the government, a small amount for a couple years to get the country through the tough times caused by the collapse of paper.

The book is both possesses an uncanny and striking similarity to the situation developing today, as well as the aforementioned passage which Dr. Paul seemed to allude to in his speech!

It is a raw and rough, intense, long read, which drives forward with such intensity in the destruction of the neo-con enemy, and that in such a short time frame, that one can hardly lay it aside to sleep!



Thanks for the review!

That sounds very interesting.

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Yes, thank you! I am going to get that book! I have one of

Dr. Vieira's other books, Constitutional Homeland Security. That is a great book also, and he is working on the second volume of it. One of our truest patriots and a very brilliant man.



That was beautiful.

Ron Paul 2012
Defend Liberty!

His Most Radical Speech Yet

This speech came up in conversation last night as my hard core libertarian friends and I were having a drink before meeting up with the YAL after party in DC here at CPAC. We had a lot of different views on this speech, he introduced a lot of new material, but there were two really important philosophical points he made for the first time I can remember. The first speaking point was on the principal of non-agression, as well as the lack of super-authority that government usually claims to have. It was this idea Dr. Paul just touched on which had been the idea when I discovered it, was one of the turning points in my philosophical journey in life, listening to Jan Helfeld use the Socratic Interview technique on Presidential Candidate Bill Richardson to question the morality of government theft of property, and Ron Paul just introduced it in this speech here by saying two things:

"governemnt should never do anything you can't do"

then he supported that statement with this example: "if you can't steal from your neighbor, you can't send the government to your neighbor to steal for you"

I hope this idea, the morality of this concept, is something we all can really grab on to, and begin to champion, as it will be probably one of the most liberating ideas to humanity.

The other statement in his speech, which we thought to be so radical, at first, I was a little disappointed with, but then began to see the genius in him presenting it in this way, it was the tired old flat tax that we've heard a dozen times from many politicians, but it has never been proposed in this way:

"would you consider opting out of the whole system under one condition, you pay 10% of your incombe but you take care of yourself, don't ask the government for anything"

Here he's not saying let's keep the IRS, the focus really, shouldn't even be on the flat tax, the focus should be on "would you consider opting out of the whole system". He prefaced it with the statement "we're not doing such a good job being government these days" and followed it up with "don't ask the government for anything". We all agreed that this wasn't the perfect solution, but a radical idea indeed, the ability to opt-out of the whole system is something that would definitely lead to a voluntary system, one which would spur competition in the services which government has a current monopoly on, it could provide a transitional period, a way to move from a violence and coercion centric method of societal organization, to a peaceful and voluntary method of societal organization.

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That's not radical, that's liberty!

That's how things are supposed to be. What is radical is what is going on today. Liberty only seems radical because it has been abandoned for tyranny for so long.

Good comments and links.

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Absolutely - great point!!

We have to remember, things are reversed.


Wonderful speech!

But, I think, there are still neo-cons in there that wouldn't approve of him.

Moses also stumbled in his speech...

but it did not detract from his ability to accomplish the task at hand; to lead millions to freedom from their slavery. I consider Dr Paul today's Moses. Lead us out, Ron.

the lesser of two evils is still evil

I agree!!

The focus should be on the message, not the messenger! Often in the Bible the messengers were not so good at it but it didn't matter because it was the message. God did not want people caught up in the person but only what the person was saying.


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

right on

the message not the messenger
the philosophy and the issues not the packaging


RP 2012

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He is a fantastic messenger! Those who are criticizing should

re-examine their priorities. Would you rather have a someone who can read a teleprompter perfectly with a fake voice, telling you lies, or someone who sounds real and tells you the TRUTH?


A true leader!

I loved this speech. He was speaking to everyone and especially empowering his supporters to keep on fighting the good fight. What a wonderful exhortation filled with power and conviction and truth. Thanks be to God for Ron Paul!


great speech

I actually enjoyed this speech over some other ones he gave. I tend to stumble over words, too -- but then again, I'm an actuary.

Ron Paul..The only person in Washington who "gets it"

What really got me "on board" with Mr. Paul was his vote against the so-called "Patroit Act" and his stance against the Federal Reserve. Any election he runs in which I can vote I will proudly vote for him. As far as his speaking ability I sometimes have the same problem. I have so much to say I can't speak as fast as my mind works.

If it's not broke, break it............The new liberal agenda.