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My standard letter to Neocons... Any revisions needed?

Dear Mike,
Thank you for your continued interest in keeping our empire intact (at least for a little while longer). If it were not for people like you, our war profiteering and trillions we have made through the years would not be possible......

What's amazing is that Americans had one of the few examples in Earth's history of what people can do if continual war can be avoided. While Europeans fought constant wars among each other, and throughout the planet, you guys kept your head down and in a short 120 years managed to become one of the strongest nations (health standards, living standards, and financial standards) where even 80% of all gold known to man, was owned by Americans.

But as you know good things come to an end, so we setup the Federal Reserve because another war needed to be fought. Europe with 50 years of standing armies was no longer able to fight each other effectively, so basically we just needed another funding source. So, on Christmas recess we just ratified the Federal Reserve Act (states shouldn't have a say in this or Constitutional law for that matter!!!) So after a devastating war (the average male shrank 2 inches because the most fit died off first) we had one great idea for this League of Nations. But damn Americans wouldn't go for our plan!!! (What the hell did Charles Limburgh know) Well collapsing the country was certainly the next step... In 1933, we reorganized your country into a corporation (don't want a Republic to get in our way!!!) made it illegal for your grandparents to own gold, and took total control over the banking system. Of course we need some tax collectors (IRS) but sold the public that the 1040 was just a voluntary action...

Since we funded all sides of World War II, we branched out to all areas of the world, pitching this "silly" Cold War and making sure that every American knew that we could already destroy the planet nine times over, but more missiles had to be built. Of course we created this appearance of a "domino" effect that might happen if America didn't come to this countries aid. Korea was a brilliant campaign, for we effectively neutered the philosophy of actually winning the war. We don't even need a declaration of war (from your irrelevant Congress) we have the UN for that. One little part of the world just needed to be controlled so we didn't even have to have people killed this time (so concrete evidence (Congressional documents) now shows Lusitania was planned, or we froze Japanese assets worldwide, and had everyone telling us where there fleet was) we just created the Tonkin Incident in the papers!!! Seriously what would you guys do if you had a couple of years peace!!! besides 600,000 Americans dead is nothing compared to the deaths of 120 million of unarmed people in the world. You guys have to be proud of the fact that yes, most government programs suck (should be capitalized) and never do work, the military sure can kill people. It can whip any country it needs to. Of course using this fine "killing institution" as a police force certainly dulls the weapon, but we're interested in perpetual war. Longer wars equals better profits, this is our "brand of capitalism"

Now 9/11 was different this time (wink) it was Muslim terrorists, overlook the fact that we have funded dictators (best part is that's its your money still) in all countries have been in place oppressing the people since Israel was created, or we have OPEC that can only use Petrodollars... The average American is now on the hook for $246,000 (future liabilities) Keep in mind alot of people already have tons of debt, and jobs are now in the countries your money help conquer!! But as you rightfully have pointed out "this time is different." You have used the proper techniques of "conspiracy theorist" and Libertarian loonies, and dismissed the "mountain of evidence" against us. We really wanted to Hitler to stay in power for a little longer, because we had something better than that transistor radio in 1945, for we had the television coming. And we've owned it ever since to shape a reality that really isn't. But has it worked on your country!!! Again you are a great "tool" for ushering in this NWO of ours, wish you make the "cut" for we have drastic plans for the world's population. By the way, send any name that is giving you trouble on FB or believes in that "goddam piece of paper" called the Constitution. We have many facilities around the nation that will house such "radicals"...

Again, many thanks,
may the angel Lucifer be with you,

The Elite

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and show them this

Then hit them with this !

The Real Patriot Act
Exposing,identifying,arresting,prosecuting and upon conviction of treason executing dual citizen zionist traitors and the cowards that stand with them is not anti-semitic. It is however our lawful,constitutional and patriotic duty as americans to preserve,protect and defend our constitution and the republic it defines against all enemies,foriegn and domestic.
we also have a moral obligation to past,present and future genarations of a truly free and independant people.
Bohdan the patriot

at wounded knee

Your letter is a

Your letter is a middle-finger to Mike, if that is it's purpose, fine. If he is convertible, you would need a different approach.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

The usurpers and traitors

have been giving us the middle finger since the beginning of our republic

at wounded knee

Very funny story I want to

Very funny story I want to share...

Former colleague of mine; very nice man. Former football player, fairly big, fairly imposing, very deep voice. We were talking about invading Iran back in 2006. He remarks about how we have to tackle this problem, etc. etc. Standard neo-con rhetoric. Then he says: "We have to strike back! I will not be intimidated!"

I almost laughed out loud. I remarked, "you've already been intimidated. You've been intimidated for years. You've been so intimidated, that you let the actions of a 100 or so people, part of a group maybe a few thousand strong, make you support policies that have cost of trillion of dollars, ripped apart our privacy and constitution, and caused millions of deaths around the world"

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

oh, well . . .

been reading C.S. Lewis--


I don't think you are going to keep any neo-con friends, sending them this letter, but, on the other hand, I've not done such a very good job of keeping my neo-con friends, unless/until *we* agree with each other not to discuss politics--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Don't forget

about how we hate your secret societies(think tanks)

Oh my.... hidden talent!


Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!