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Your Life According to the Government

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Narrow minded junk food for the simple

I am guessing the creator of this piece is a strong believer in the right to private property. If so, it would be fitting if creator got sued for the fact they stole the private property of many through the use of their video clips to create this piece.

So what I am supposed to believe that if we just got rid of all the progressives and liberals all would be right in the world?

Haha, what a joke.

Probably Legal

When an artist uses clips in a new way for political speech, it may be legal. He's not passing off the art as his own, nor can it be confused with the originals, because it is now part of a new work, and I believe that is specifically permitted under copyright laws.

I support copyright as a property right, but I'm not sure this is a violation, in my non-lawyer view.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Fair Use

I am also not a expert in copyright law.

I cannot agree with your argument. As far as I can see the creator of this clip does not fall under what is considered fair use for a number of reasons. One is due to the fact that he has a website, http://www.crushthestreet.com/. If it can be shown this is clip could potentially impact the marketplace then he is considered to be infringing on copyright. I personally could care less if he use the material in this clip or any other, the point I was trying to make was if you peach about private property via the stealing of another's property you either don't really care or you haven't thought these things through, I find the latter to be all too often the case.

I don't get it?

What property was stolen?

Humorous for those already aware.

But not a good educational tool. You have to already know what is going on to appreciate it.


What a nice piece of work. That is an instant classic