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Rented some space to some folks wanting to camp out for a fews days....

I helped 'em set up and get everything all lined up neat, removed big bushes in the way, then they asked if I liked wine or beer, I answered, "sure".

"Come on inside"

We were chatting for a bit, having a few beers, and I noticed their politcal position was not exactly mainstream.

We played a game, I start a sentence, you finish it.

Me: "911 was a " Them: "inside job"

Me: "I'm voting for" Them: "Ron Paul"

They don't come here (to daily paul), but I had really two libeterians as guests on my property. Very comforting indeed. We are friends now after spending one day playing horse shoes and cooking over homemade firepit (think it got down to the 20's while cooking, was fun). I canceled charging them rent, they can come anytime.

But you never know what to expect when just out of the blue, someone asks if you got room for an RV for a few nights. They enjoyed it much more than the RV park a mile away. Better view, less people. Good stuff.

One guy is my barber, we never talked about such things before, but I guess he'd figured out my political leanings, having talked to so many folks.

So look out for good folks, you'd be suprised where they are if you don't ask. They are everywhere!

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911 was an iside job

are you kidding me ? that catch phrase was thought up and promoted by the very crimminals that orchastrated the attacks. more accurate catch phrase is MOSSAD not MUSLIMS did 911 or 911 was a MOSSAD job

at wounded knee

Yes we discussed that also,

Yes we discussed that also, but typically I don't just randomly mention that fact here. Seems to get bad press and start a war.


as times get worse we will

as times get worse we will need more friends.

Nice story, thanks for

Nice story, thanks for sharing.


Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your story. Sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves. But I did have a thought..I'm actually starting to get a little paranoid(not mental hospital kind, just a little healthy scepticism)..I hear stories like this and just wonder if they are there for information gathering. I felt a little more at ease when you mentioned he was your barber and you knew him....Kudos

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32