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Video: Fox News Poll adds up to 231%


You can´t even make this one up...

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Fox News is a corporatist network, hellbent on keeping....

The People dumbed-down about hearing and seeing the truth.

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multiple-valid choice poll; you don't add up each %

analogy: The distinction between a radio and a check box.

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The poll was conducted feb.

The poll was conducted feb. 7th thru 9th.
hmm no one told us about it. go figure,please see my comments from tonight regarding the cpac coverage.

I think they did make it up!

The weirdest "poll"ever! WTF were they thinking?


i hate to be debbie downer

but i dont think this was a 100% poll. to me, it looked like they put out a questionnaire with only "their" people on it and asked them to say yes/no to these candidates. it was very sneaky and underhanded, but thats fox for ya.

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Uncanny how they do that!

Uncanny how they do that!




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